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im streaming in like 12 hours maybe i'll be finishing off my dosbox slirp networking patch. hopefully afterwards it will get merged

TFW you basically braindump your redesign of the ToCS1 plot and characters to @jookia on a whim.

us poLiticAl 

i was concerned about trump deleting his tweets and destroying history, good thing he can't do that now because twitter already did it

i stand firmly with the mastodon community in making spaces for things i like and banning things i don't like

Wow, 2020 was seriously a crazy year and 2021 is already off to a rough start. That's why I'd like to not only thank all my followers for keeping it real with me, but also NordVPN. NordVPN takes your Internet traffic and proxies it through remote countries. This is safer because you can use it to bypass blocks from countries like Netflix. The Internet isn't safe any more, but NordVPN is. Use the promo code JOOKIA to get 50% off for the next year and give me money too. I like money.

is there an option for mastodon/peertube/et all to remove all admin contact links? i just can't see mainstream success without being unable to contact the admins if you get locked out of your account or find bugs to report

fun fact: im hungry. every day around this time after waking up i get hungry. does this happen to anyone else? maybe. possibly. we'll never know for sure

dark dark dark goodnight 

haha wow you took my advice and now you have no love in your life? shouldn't have TRUSTed me without VERIFYing if my advice is good. i hope you learned your lesson, maybe next time you won't blindly ruin your relationship.

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dark dark dark goodnight 

goodnight fedi and remember my advice: trust but verify. you may trust your SO not to cheat on you. but have you demanded his passwords for social media so you can verify his DMs? food for thought, after all if he was cheating on you he wouldn't tell you. he probably thinks you're stupid. call his bluff, demand access to his phone and email. if he acts like you're unreasonable, dump him. he can't cheat if he's not in a relationship.

i have to apologize but since im on mastodon parole i have to announce that this toot is sponsored by mcdonalds incorporated. im lovin it

ok its come to my attention that if i don't post here people actually think i die

i not die ✅

unhinged tusky fascism rant 

i don't know what the deal is here and it worries me what block will come next. if we can't even handle blocking fascism as a community in a responsible way, anything more complicated is just going to be a headache and shitfest

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unhinged tusky fascism rant 

and this kind of mirrors the discussions i've seen around it. people will argue about how we need to block fascists from using our software, sure- but they won't discuss whether rick rolling people is the right way to do this, they will defend it as if this is the solution and it can't be improved on or removed. which doesn't make any internal sense if it's about blocking fascism


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