What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource


@ademalsasa Ich mag a Liebsten. Aber ich weiß auch nicht, warum.

@kaffeeringe hello, my Friend, I apologize I can only speak English and I understood you are using #Threema, right? I heard it is now #FreeSoftware under GNU AGPL free license.

Discussion: lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lib

You understood correct, it reads “I like Threema the most. But I don't know why either.”

btw: really “only english”?
How about Malaysian ? ;)

@sl007 thanks, Sebastian, for translating that for me! I am Indonesian so I cannot speak Malaysian as these two languages are different.


I see, sorry.
But then “only english” is still very polite understatement :)

@sl007 ah, sorry Sebastian. I know most of people here understand English so I use English here as my only foreign language is English.

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