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Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

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🎊 HUGE news worth celebrating!🎊

The Russian block on our website (torproject.org) has been successfully lifted for now, thanks to tireless work from our legal team in Russia, Roskomsvoboda.


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The largest punch card program was from the 1950s SAGE air defense system, which used 62,500 punched cards (around 5 MB of data). In the picture below, a woman stands next to the punch cards used in this program.


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It has been almost 5 months since I started running a Snikket server. I only had to update once and that was very easy. I faced no issues as of now on the server side. The uptime has been 100%.

This is a blog post I have written on my experience fsci.in/blog/snikket-experienc

I found @snikket_im project chatroom as very helping and welcoming. They try their best to help newbies in self-hosting, which usually takes a lot of patience.

#snikket #XMPP #decentralization #FreeSoftware

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Gajim 1.4.0 has been released 🚀

After more than a year of development, it’s finally time to announce the release of Gajim 1.4.0! 🎉

Gajim 1.4 series comes with a completely redesigned message window and conversation management. Workspaces allow you to organize your chats to keep matters separate where needed. These changes were only possible by touching a lot of Gajim’s code base, and we appreciate all the feedback we got from you.

#chat #xmpp #foss


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Geplante „Chatkontrolle“ der Kommission aus Sicht des Datenschutzes – ein Thread nach erster Prüfung: Der Entwurf der Kommission ist nicht vereinbar mit unseren europäischen Werten und kollidiert mit geltendem Datenschutzrecht.

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@thunderbird Speaking of integration with open standard solutions...

How about bringing the #XMPP implementation to todays standard and have some good integration between the messanging/presence status side of XMPP and the mail side in Thunderbird.

For example checking addresses in mail if an XMPP address exists for that address and display the presence status if contact/web presence is found?

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@jcbrand @Goffi Not sure how this will play out, but think that indeed there is huge potential in #Fediverse + #XMPP. #Friendica accounts do serve as xmpp accounts which is a major benefit I think not many users are realising and it doesn't do a great job of exposing / presenting that functionality to users.

In the past it even had an xmpp add-on allowing for xmpp chat in a small window whenever logged into friendica in the browser.

Sadly the add-on is not in great shape currently and has been disabled.
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I'm very interested in the XMPP -> ActivityPub bridge that @Goffi is working on.

I might look into adding microblogging to Converse so that I can join the fediverse from my #XMPP account.

To the extent that people participate in the #ActivityPub fediverse via (supporting) XMPP clients, it might even become feasible to have OMEMO E2EE encrypted posts, especially DMs.

AFAIK you'd still need XMPP to fetch a prekey (and device bundle) for the user you'd like to start an encrypted session with

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Is it right for governments to force citizens to use Google or Apple's proprietary technologies to verify their online identities? 🤔 The Netherlands user case


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I am amazed by #openstreetmap
I forgot to fill up my water bottle at the hostel, but Organic Maps quickly led me to a drinking water fountain.

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So, apparently @peertube now has live chat built into it through a an official plugin (you can see a screenshot below).

The plugin has a github at github.com/JohnXLivingston/pee

It was announced on the PeerTube blog back in November at joinpeertube.org/news#live-plu

The chat doesn't require an account, you just pick a nickname and start chatting.

#PeerTube #LiveStreaming

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Is it possible to get the local timeline of other instances as well, without creating another account?

Or maybe search for all Toots of a certain instance like @tabletop.social ?

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

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#XMPP Community

Recently a new community project started:

XMPP Providers: providers.xmpp.net/

A curated list of providers and tools for filtering. The machine-readable list of providers can be integrated in XMPP clients to simplify registration.

Is there any good alternative to Google Forms? Should support choices, free text and conditional fields.

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