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Bildschirme im Billy Regal defragmentiert, nun ist im Keller Platz für den neuen/alten 3D-Drucker #cccc #3dprinting
Dank gilt der spendenden Person für das Gerät!

The six start to spread out, easily visible when using the awesome poliastro
CZMLExtractor together with the new czml3 CesiumJS widget in a jupyter-notebook. (manually annotated, using space-track TLEs, note: some elements are 3 days old)

How does the drag term B* depend on the orbital altitude for cubesats in low orbits?
TLEs from SpaceTrackOrg
and the CelesTrak cubesat category.

(python) code at

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Via @bmispelon on birbsite, at #python

Having some fun with Python. Can you predict the result of the following:

'{٠} is {٠}'.format("Python", "fun")

(If you're getting a ValueError, trying copy/pasting from the tweet)

Here the altitude of the Vikram lander plotted for its last orbit before the landing maneuvre

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Lunar map of the landing zone / potential crash site of the mission Vikram lander using public ephemerides fetched via / astroquery 🚀 🛰️ 🌖🇮🇳

Two plots of the operational satellites
On large scales (kilometers) the constellation oscillates in-phase (caused by orbital perturbations I guess), on small scales (hundreds of meters) the orbital decay caused by drag and occasional reboots are visible

Plot of the evolution of the semi-major axis & apogee/perigee heights for the satellite constellation (blue)
Highlighted in red: object 44278/2019-029AV which triggered a collision avoidance manoeuver by 's
earth observation satellite this morning

(see for more info on the predicted conjunction)

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Der erste #PintofScience in #Bonn 16.-18.10.19! Wer möchte gern seine #Wissenschaft kommunizieren? Über ein RT freuen wir uns sehr!


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Erfolg vor Gericht: Wir dürfen das Glyphosat-Gutachten wieder veröffentlichen! Grund waren formelle Fehler der (sehr teuren) Anwälte der Bundesregierung.

Jetzt müssen wir das #Zensurheberrecht abschaffen. Und verklagen die Bundesregierung dafür doppelt.

Generated a pre-launch TLE 🗒️ based on the announced target orbit for BlackSky Global-3 🛰️(478 km x 499 km, 97.48°) for a launch 🚀 at the beginning of the window (2019-06-27T04:30:00Z) using

Let's see if this first guess is correct. :) 💻

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Unsen Vortrag aus dem @ccc_koeln zu unserer Arbeit & Informationsfreiheit gibt es jetzt online: Dankeschön!

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The #DL0XK @SatNOGS Station is now at its final location, making beautiful NOAA APT observations with our 3D printed dual band turnstile.

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Von langer Hand geplant, sensible persönliche Informationen an verurteilten Gewalttäter und ehemaligen AFD-Kader weitergegeben. Der Angriff auf das Fusion Festival entwickelt sich zum handfesten Polizeiskandal:

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1984 war nicht als Anleitung gedacht.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered himself up. The police forced him to show his face (& then fined him for disorderly conduct). This is dangerous & terrifying.


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🎉 #FirstToot 🎉

#CodiMD is a real-time, multi-platform collaborative markdown editor that can be used on desktop, tablet, or mobile!

There's a night mode to save your eyes as well as fine-grained permissions so you can decide how much access (if any) others have to your notes 😉

There are multiple editor modes as well; #Vim, #Emacs, and #Sublime are available at the click of a button!

Check out our demo below and take a look at the rest of the amazing features!

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