#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 37 updated and 3 new* apps – and in my repo with 6 updated and 3 new+ apps:

* EasySSHFS: Sshfs with ssh client and interface
* GPN 2022: GPN 2022 Schedule
* IITC-CE Mobile: map for Ingress Prime game
+ DAVx⁵ (on special request; already at @fdroidorg)
+ Owl: client for OwlBot dictionary
+ SyncPlay: synchronize media playback across devices

Enjoy your #free & #foss #android #apps at, with and from #fdroid :awesome:


@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Also, F-Droid itself stepped out of alpha for 1.15

@khaine411 which is included with the 37 updated apps, yes 😃 As already with the alphas (which were quite stable), I see a bunch of improvements here. For example: icons now always showed up, screenshots are always loading (even if it takes a while if they come from f-droid.org), and it seems no more missed index updates 🤞 Fun fact: none of these items were "intentionally addressed" at this specific point, those were just the side-effects I've noticed :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid yes this time the alpha worked well. I had only one issue: i couldnt install bromite through their repo. it just said "not installed" ... but with todays update it worked.

@khaine411 Ha! There! So it wasn't just me! I side-loaded it (downloaded the APK and 'adb install -r'd it to get the update in). I wonder what that was.

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