"They don’t have to change all of them, but they’ve got to change the major parts of them so that we at least have a shot at winning."

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Oh, hey, turns out the awful weirdly slippery uncomfortable unsupporting unsleepable pillow we've got is a My Pillow pillow. The Spouse is planning a shredding ceremony for later.

(Keep in mind flows of power and money and attention before you rev up your "but all corporate content is fanfiction these days" takes.)

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because they think you have travelled, and have seen other countries.

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Oakland’s original boogaloos speak out, in hopes of reclaiming their culture 

"'I’ve been associated with the term [boogaloo] since I was a young kid growing up. To see it in an extremist light was disheartening. Anger and all these other emotions that make you want to fight back. That’s a direct attack to adopt it. For them to use it and mock it, it kind of killed our soul and made us want to resurrect.'"


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Trying to explain to the kitten if he jumps before there's a lap there will be no lap to jump to.

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Smdh every day at so-called abolitionists cheering on the arrests of white supremacists as if they’re being transported to an alternate dimension instead of into the same prisons where the marginalized people we’re supposed to be fighting for are being held.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/butchanarchy/statu

I forgot Treme cracks that joke about Portland clapping on the one and three.

"Discontent is a valid reaction when government fails at its most basic responsibility—protecting its people."

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The next chapbook! Buy it now, or read it on the web in a month or so... thecityofroses.com/chapbooks/n

"The people who were running backwards often ended up being the forwards people in the film."

"I’ve been comparing it to how the 1999 Seattle WTO protests impacted the anarchist left."

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