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"There is a lesson here, as well as a warning. Rich dudes are not good at being told no."

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Spiegel Publishing House swimming pool, designed by Verner Panton, 1969. (This was in the basement of the building and was destroyed in a fire shortly after opening.)

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Magic cranberry opens wedge
and frees hero.

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"The real problem is, I have never seen the police ever arrest a Proud Boy."

"—may your nude be handsome or don't get involved with it!"

So, when exactly did Yes, Minister become a utopia?

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just saw this on instagram and recognized it from Bend the Bars 2019, hosted by Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity. I love this banner, it’s one of my favorites of all time...

Lots of great speakers presented as well, including the folks discussing prisoner resistance and the Perilous Chronicle, Little Village Solidarity Network, Willis X & HH (who’s discussion stole the show in my opinion)

Whenever you get the chance to go to something like this, i highly recommend it


...I realize I'm late to the Franzen bash, but A Key to All Mythologies, Vol. 1? Is he angling for a sweet Game of Thrones payday?

On the other, it's sadly telling that the scene titles are rendered in Papyrus.

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I think we should liberate the gender-neutral suffix "-poke" from the word "cowpoke" and apply it elsewhere. firepoke. mailpoke. chairpoke. businesspoke.

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A film about a health inspector gathering a group of experts to infiltrate a business and expose dangerous operating practices 

OSHA's Eleven

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