Drei Mal könnt ihr raten, wer gerade seine Festplatte mit der gesamten Steam-Library formatiert hat. - Genau, ich. 🤦‍♂️

Banks now also offer music streaming services. Alright. Why not? Weird.

I actually like Logitech‘s Slim Combo iPad Case (12.9). Probably nobody will ever agree but that hinge/stand is everything I ever wanted and the keyboard feels even a bit better than Apple‘s Smart Keybord. The only downside: it makes the iPad is huge and thick.

Habe mir ja auch das beste Wochenende ausgesucht um einen Freund in Hamburg zu besuchen. 🙄

I‘ll have to take a deeper look at ProtonVPN tomorrow. Not sure though if there are any noteworthy advantages compared to other VPN services. protonvpn.com/

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@dragonluvr89 I need you to go to your file cabinet and look under J for Jason and get my file out.

Finished my final exam (for now). Feels good. Finally some time to enjoy vacations. Yay.

It’s just plain awful how bad Spotify’s iPad app has gotten recently. Really makes me want to switch back to Apple Music.

With its second version, Monument Valley still is one of the most beautiful, amazing and fun games available on iOS. An absolute recommendation.

Haven't been on here much lately, but in moments like these, where everything feels kind of shitty, it's always nice to have a "safe space" with an amazing community. 🤗

Drag&Drop in Readdle's apps is one of the most amazing and useful things I've seen in a long time on iOS. That's basically how Apple should implement it. blog.readdle.com/drag-drop-bet


Real führt 2:0, Barca liegt 0:2 zurück. Ich lehne mich aus dem Fenster; da ist er endlich wieder, der Meistertitel. 🎉

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Real Madrid führt, Barcelona liegt zurück, da läuft ja alles nach Plan in Spanien.

Sadly, the design in most Mastodon clients, compared to other iOS apps, is still rather subpar. They often work really good, offer almost everything you could wish for but just don't amaze me.

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There's still quite a lot happening with Mastodon clients on iOS. Regularly new releases and updates, sometimes with quite interesting ideas. Newest releases include 11t and Tootle.

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