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"gender critical" 

I know it's been said but holy moly it's sad that the phrase "gender critical" has been adopted by a group that are so regressively uncritical about the interconstructed nature of sex & gender in society

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When I see new KDE Kirigami apps like Elisa with an SSD titlebar I ask myself: "Why they even need a titlebar?"

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Add a “contrib” directory to your projects


I've posted a few articles today so I should clarify that this is a new post on /my/ blog

No, Clear Linux is not clear (yet) and it doesn't provide vanilla GNOME experience (yet).

Linux-based unnamed unclear inconsistent something.

Microsoft ❤️ Open Source;
Oracle ❤️ Open Source when?

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I appreciated this video because he is articulate, insightful, and talks about how to improve the world in a more subtle way than you may have heard before.


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#KDE #Plasma 5.19 Beta, nice improvements.
We're so close with #Wayland. My remaining rough edges are

KRDC not embedding rdp windows (this might currently be a wayland protocol limitation)

Clipboard from Xwayland app doesn't work (apparently the patches are almost finished, but didnt make it to 5.19)

SteamVR is a no go (Lack of DRM Leasing I believe).

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RT @CianMW@twitter.com

It takes 700 hours of training to meet the minimum requirement to be a police officer in the State of New York. It takes 1000 hours to become a licensed cosmetologist. This has to change.

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#GNOME looks nice and nobody can take that away from me 😛

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Over the last few months I've finally updated my personal website after procrastinating on it for 2+ years.

It now finally has some of my more recent work, and uses a few shiny new technologies I've been meaning to try, like variable fonts and CSS grid.

Don't worry though, it still adheres to my trademark no CMS/build process/JS philosophy :)


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Black lives matter.

Trans lives matter.

Queer lives matter.

Smash fascism.

Stay safe out there, people.


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Excited about P2P Matrix and want more gory details? Look no further than @kegsay@twitter.com's notes at github.com/matrix-org/dendrite! Also, check out @neilalexander@twitter.com's thoughts on future P2P Matrix directions at neilalexander.dev/2020/06/02/t 🤖🤖🤖

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