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Hiya! I stream JRPGs, and talk about social issues, representation, intersectional feminism, translation difficulties, and awful jokes. Check me out on .

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I think a lot of people need to realize its okay not to fit a label exactly

everyone is full of so many little differences that no two people are going to fit into the same boxes the same way

labels and sub-labels are just shorthand ways to tell each other about ourselves

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Pro tip: when confronted with the choice 'first date or stream', do not pick 'first date'. Signed, Koz.

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cognitive difficults 

i wish people's responses to someone saying 'i have trouble doing tasking X' wasn't always 'well i manage to do it fine. have you tried to learn harder?'

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Opinion: If governments truly wanted to encourage artistic creation they shouldn't be giving artists something to sell to the capitalists (I can't see copyright as anything else, despite the propaganda). They'd be making sure we could live without doing so, e.g. via a universal basic income.

Money isn't an incentive to creativity, it's a distraction!

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*picks up android phone*
*taps power button to wake*
*flashlight turns on, screen stays off*

this is a well-made operating system
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Take my deleted toots as a friendly reminder that you should read articles before leaping to conclusions.

Normally I'm quite good at that, but you have to be constantly vigilant because social media is constantly tempting you into bad habits with dark patterns!

(The correction is that Twitter's "super follows" feature is about charging people subscriptions for newsletters & badges, not for access to 280 character posts)

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This is what the 'About Us' page of any tech consultancy/startup/fucking anything looks like. Every damn time.

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No jokes, when said NPC is first introduced to you, along with a bunch of others, the camera does a _close-up_ on their tattoos. Plus, her outfit is assless so that her tattoo is visible.

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Digital Devil Saga: "Individuals who can demonize are marked with tattoos."
Main protagonist (a dude) tattoo location: Face
Main woman PC tattoo location: Boobs
Major woman NPC tattoo location: _Literally her ass_.


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drew devault's sourcehut 

i get that he's the elon musk for linux, he even designed and build his own git and project hosting service. but it's so disorganized. you can't easily navigate between project components, it uses email which means anything useful is scattered in to chunks that aren't really usefully linked together. it feels like it's just made for people who are used to the traditional corkboard with red string connecting conspiracy theories together, not for developers

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Publishers: Oh hey, look at this open-world stealth-action shooter!
Me: Ok, but can I have a story-driven puzzle-platformer?
Publishers: Did I hear... "battle royale"?
Me: No
Publishers: Ah, so you must want an open-world stealth-action shooter then
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capitalist grifting 

if you ever want to see a massive failure of capitalism, look at how it only makes technology affordable for the masses. anything remotely specialized costs an arm and a leg

like i constantly get annoyed at accessibility stuff on linux, but it's nowhere near as bad as selling a screen reader for $1200 USD that you can only install on 3 computers

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