That awesome feeling when you discover that your hardenc problems are not fixable without literal OBS patches. Which you will have to write. Sigh.

"Why are you such a cheapskate, Koz? Surely you should use a Vega?" One, _nobody_ around here sells Vegas. Like, NOBODY. Two, do I look like I'm made of money? Three, have you _seen_ their power draw?

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"Why bother with this old stuff? Just go for the RX 5000 series, they're cheap and plentiful!" Except they're new. Like, _real_ new. You know what happened to me _last_ time I tried brand-new AMD stuff on Linux? My _CPU_ fucked with my _mtab_! Really!

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Now, I'm _just wanting the capabilities of the hardware I already own_. Just this. Except now, I have the fun choice of:

1) Less video quality for my recordings
2) Trying to figure what exactly OBS isn't doing right talking to FFmpeg
3) Buying brand-new untested card and praying

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What's worse? In every other regard, my card works _flawlessly_. Pretty 3D? Sorted! Vulkan? Sure! OPEN-FUCKING-CL? Sure! And all open source!

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However, this _one thing_ is aggravating me like you wouldn't believe, and unfortunately, the only fixes involve either time I don't have or the possibility of creating _more_ issues.

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