Fedi hivemind: I found this fruit growing in my garden. It has hard round yellow seeds, and the flesh has feijoa texture, but tastes like half sour apple, half plum. Anyone know what this is?

@koz_ross We have trees here with similar fruit. If yours has pink blossoms, that might be it. It's been a while since I got a good luck at one though.

@SyrupSlushie I don't actually remember what kind of flowers it has! What's your tree called?

@koz_ross I... Don't actually know. That's kinda sad. Some people called them cherry trees, some call them apple trees.

They're definitely "small dark red sour bulbs" trees, and they're a pain to clean up after, but yeah, I'm not totally sure.

@SyrupSlushie Thanks anyway - let me know if you find out somehow.

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