I think it is kinda funny that you can vote for the former finance minister, Janis Varoufakis, in in the with his movement
Some special kind of advertising for him did a German comedian, when he was minister:

@krutor I think you can also vote for a German in Greece.

I really wish we had EU-wide candidates, then I'd actually have a meaningful choice.

With the diem movement you kinda have these candidates. At least all parliament fractions have main candidates in the whole EU. But this could be a good idea to empower the parliament

@krutor My problem is that I can't vote for them since they don't have a party or list in my country.
I'm limited to EPP, S&D, ENF, EGP, ALDE and EL.

Small parties are guaranteed not to get a seat, the Austrian media acts as if the EL associated party KPÖ doesn't even exist. They are guaranteed not to get a seat, so scratch EL from the list.

What's left is center-right factions with the exception of EGP, who at least in Austria and Germany have been a sorry bunch these last couple years.

Yop the small parties dont realy get media coverage. In Germany the good thing is you only need 0,6% for a seat in the ep, bcs they have a lot of seats.
In Austria you might can only vote for the least worst.

@krutor It's really systematic discrimination against the KPÖ. A green splinter group which formed for just this election and will likely get about the same number of votes is getting media coverage and is getting invited to the TV shows. The KPÖ exists since 1918 and the media acts as if it doesn't.

This is the last EP election where about 1% is enough in Germany, for the next one there will be a vote threshold as well. The structures are built such that votes concentrate on few big parties.

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