@kuketzblog thank you very very very much, Mike. I really wait for this type of comparison.

@kuketzblog is it possible to include Nextcloud Talk into the Matrix ?

@SeanGeil Das ist kein Messenger. Schon bei Skype ist / war die Grenze eigentlich überschritten. Daher: Nein.

@kuketzblog hmm, ok. Nach welchem Kriterium wird das gehandhabt ?

@SeanGeil Nutzung / Verbreitung spielen schon mal eine wichtige Rolle.

@kuketzblog good list. Can note though that Whatsapp's web access actually requires a phone unlike others so it's not fully functional on its own.
Although Conversations is not iOS, any XMPP iOS app will work on any XMPP service so you may need to otherwise add Monal or ChatSecure Messenger as iOS alternatives.

As it turns out, Element/Matrix is the "best of the group" with only two "reds"! It proves I've made the right choice! Thank you for sharing the information.

@joaopinheiro It depends. Please do not simply count the red or green cells. ;-)

@kuketzblog I know that's not only about that. But it gives me an idea. And... Unfortunately, I can't read German. 🙁 But I'm translating it...

@kuketzblog In F-Droid Version von Telegram sind keine Tracker drin.

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