@kuketzblog@social.tchncs.de der linke ist doch bitte nicht Julien Assange sondern der Barney von "How i met your mother"...

Why would someone even want to give their info to a person who looks like the guy on the right photo first place.
There is even more fundamental issue here.
@ump40 @kuketzblog peer pressure, when signing up on the blue site you do not see his face
@user @kuketzblog
it was more of a rhetorical question similar like you know you dont come to stranger on the street telling what you been doing or thinking although i have chit chats with strangers sometimes. Its just a desire of attention vs desire of privace dilemma. And when its distanced it doesnt feel that uncomf for people.
I studied Medientheory at one point of my life so i know.

@kuketzblog i thought wikileaks leaks were primarily on government.

That said, some people seem to ignore the power of megacorporations and even have ideologies that end up bolstering them.

@kuketzblog Justice department confirms Joe Biden intends to have WikiLeak’s co-founder stand trial in US
New boss same as the old boss.

@kuketzblog My dear Kuketz, have you heard , the truth sometines lies inbetween ( between villains and celebrities ) ? And so does human nature , doesn' t it ?


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