If you're a developer and haven't heard about Project Loom yet, I've written a little introduction:

@lutzhuehnken Thanks for the writeup. Funny to see that Java may be getting coroutines under the hood to solve performance issues. Lua, as far as I can tell, has had them since before Java even existed.

And of course much older languages had them before that.
Maybe one day Java may catch up to them :]

@lutzhuehnken Since this seems to be an Oracle thing, what's the catch? There usually are one or ten.

@murks I don't think it's more an Oracle thing than Java in general being an Oracle thing.

@lutzhuehnken Do you know whether it will end up in OpenJDK or whether it will require some other JDK under a possibly proprietary license? Because that I think will make or break this feature for quite some projects.

@murks Yes, but you could also give it a positive spin, even after what, 27 years, Java is still evolving, with some quite fundamental changes:

@lutzhuehnken Thanks, I'll give it a look. I don't generally do this since the project I work on is still stuck on an ancient version of Java, as are so many others.

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