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Bei eBay gesehen: 50x Aufkleber "Du hast schei**e geparkt", wieder ablösbar - um Parkidioten mal die Meinung zu geigen.

Hat mich an einen TV-Bericht über eine russische Art Bürgerwehr erinnert, die Falschparkern als Denkzettel einen riesigen Halteverbotsaufkleber über die komplette Frontscheibe tapezieren - NICHT wieder ablösbar, wohlgemerkt. 😄

Bin gerade auf @FediFollows aufmerksam geworden.

Wer auf der Suche nach interessanten Kandidaten für seine TL ist, sollte dort mal vorbei schauen.
Ist selbst noch ein relativ junger Account, hat aber schon ein breites Spektrum vorgestellt - bislang hauptsächlich Software- und Kunstthemen, soweit ich sehe. Eigene Vorschläge sind ausdrücklich erwünscht.

Daumen hoch! 👍

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@martijnbraam's pmOS #pinephone CE install video starts with factory quality testing/flashing and shows the first run experience at 2:30 with the on-device installer.

Since the final rootfs, the on-device installer rootfs and the factory rootfs all run postmarketOS, this became a beautiful three layer cake of postmarketOS images. 🍰 😁

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A whole new round of releases on all platforms started rolling last week: apart from many little fixes and improvements we introduce two major things: *Disappearing messages* and *video chats* (via Webrtc).

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An Invitation to Play Along:

We're currently developing a N900-style keyboard attachment for the #Pinephone. Do you think you can do better? Prove it. If you're right, your design may make it to production! 😎

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Warnung der Bevölkerung -

Der bundesweite Warntag findet erstmals am 10. September 2020 statt und wird ab dann jährlich an jedem zweiten Donnerstag im September durchgeführt.

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On the occassion of german reports of exploits against #whatsapp Web ... you can use Delta Chat Desktop app without any dependency on a mobile phone. And a second independent security review is currently ongoing.

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Die 18. Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage finden online statt!

Mehr Infos hier:

Der Call for Papers folgt in den nächsten Tagen.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

#kielux #linux #conference #opensource #FLOSS

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It's that time of the month again -- the July 2020 Update Blog is live!

I have said we have too much news to list for several previous entries, but that's especially true today. This is the biggest update we've had yet.

- #PinePhone @postmarketOS Edition preorders live
- OG #Pinebook upgrade kit back on horizon
- #PineTime with @JF firmware upcoming
- Say hello to #Pinecil

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The train schedule in Tokyo is so reliable that if they run more than 5 minutes late, they issue a note to passengers to prove to their employers that it was the train's fault they were late to work

Original tweet :

Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung, heute wiederentdeckt.
Coolest. Mask. Ever.

Warnung: Nichts für Zartbesaitete!

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Which new smartphones will be next supported by /e/OS?
Which ones will be upgraded to Android 10?
Which ones will be dropped?

#degoogled #android #privacy

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I've written a (long-ish) proposal to make #FDroid's latest view useful again:

Feel free to join in on that discussion if that interests you. I'd especially appreaciate input from people using F-Droid with a non-English locale.

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