No motivation this morning. Maybe after 20 more pots of coffee

whats your way of merging upstream changes on to your forked codebase. looking for other opinions for @admin

after reading that i think i would describe my job as "manipulating your electronic device into manipulating you"

Ok I just have to should out that the new hooks is friggen awesome. Would prefer a little less magic, but love love love.

[EndstRechts] NPD Oberbayern – Murnau: Mäßig besuchter Liederabend mit Ex-Landser Sänger !antifa

I truly believe these nazi riots in the US may be the tail wagging the dog to declare martial law. Then we will be under a dictatorship.

#EU Court of Justice (#ECJ), citing fundamental right to #privacy, rules EU-Canada agreement about sharing passenger personal data illegal

Please thumbs up the topic to show support. needs to change the licensing or be cast out of all apache based licenses including BSD.

Paraphrasing but US Military Joint Chiefs: "We don't take orders from twitter posts".

wow can't believe there are no other motion picture industry peeps here (from hashtag searches). So let this be the first on mastodon.

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