Anyone good with SAM templates for AWS? Need help. Have simple lambda authorizer that once connected always causes 500 internal server error. Executes fine on it’s own. No CloudWatch details (integration etc). Not X-Ray data. Blind. Invoke permission is granted.

trying to obtain a invite! anyone wish to invite me... please.

I am exhausted after surviving the Texas power blackout. I don’t ever want to be this cold again. Hungry too, but too weak to forage for food in stores that are empty.

OMG i did it again!

sitting at starbucks, drinking my coffee, and then i order another one togo. they make it and hand it to me and then i remember...

you dope, they have free refills!!!

every single time, i fail to get with the program here

I was hoping to not use my brain today lol. the day seems to have other plans for me

ok, i’m out. i am in severe need of a cajun seafood boil and so i must give in and go eat one

i literally only have 3 people showing up in my feed. where did everyone go? i go away for two months and the platform falls apart? lol

If you are looking for a public API, for, well, anything, it might be listed in this big directory of public APIs

#UX #Bootcamps
"The diminishing returns on UX bootcamps" an interesting analysis from Yichen He on why it is not easy to find a job after a UX bootcamp (while it used to be easier 5 years ago). It's nice to see more and more voices on that topic.

wishing i had been part of the GME stock buys, but alas i found out too late

The GitHub identity story is still a mess.

I agree with their recent suggestions to use commit signing but it is important to note they still forge signatures and break enforcement in non obvious ways.

Author of Faker.js needs our help.
RT @marak
I lost all my stuff in an apartment fire and am barely staying unhomeless. Lost access to most of my accounts. All precious metal is missing. If anyone could bless with a little cash it would help me from freezing on the street. lol.

Seems facebook is having a mass exodus to the q annon infested parler and mewe. not sure what is going on.

My code was shipped to the arctic near the seed vault. Logged in and saw I was given the ⭐️ Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge!

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