@lynnesbian are you pulling one of my stunts? My node servers log 404s and when i see routes coming in for .net or php or asp etc... i have the server throw emulated errors and headers to make the script kiddies think they are hitting a good target. it's just fun

No motivation this morning. Maybe after 20 more pots of coffee

@lynnesbian depends on the nebula service, some of them nebula clouds reduce framerates

@biffbiffbiff to me it feels like the time before all the ads and all the hate

@admin I sent you an email to `info` with my skype address. if you give me about 15 min, i can walk you through it doing a desktop video share

whats your way of merging upstream changes on to your forked codebase. looking for other opinions for @admin

@admin another way i think it can be done (havent tried it) if you know the checkin that you forked from, branch from there, pull the upstream on it, squash those changes (so you don’t have to deal with a gazillion conflicts), then rebase (this one is rebase) your changes on fixing conflicts and merge the branch back. problem is that the squash here may make it harder to repeat in the future? i would have to play with that method

@admin as long as you are on a branch you always have a way to back out. this can be one of the hardest merges if both you and the upstream have moved a file or deleted one. otherwise it is easy and all merge conflicts will just be changes you both made

@admin actually sorry, don’t rebase just pull. keep forgetting this is the case where you don’t want a rebase

@admin on your local branch your code. then set up a “remote” (i usually call it upstream) pointing to the original repo. rebase on it and fix merge conflicts. then on branch squash to where you branched from. now merge back which should only have the changes from the upstream and kiss your weekend goodbye lol

@matt@radical.town if i string you along the theory isnt to make sense.

@matt@radical.town the drunk version of me loves them

@brandon um doesnt booting a computer consume more electric than leaving it on and idle? lol

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