Went to twitter, and the first take on RMS creeping back into FSF was this:

"Good month to say goodbye to free and open software and hi to Macs. 13 years as a Linux and free software user and advocate, but the systematic misogynist views, elitism and well, cultism, makes the switch easier than it should have."

People praised the person for this take. I can't even.

@maltimore I mean, there's a good deal of sarcasm in this tweet and I'd be lying if I said I didn't appreciate the "Imma stab Apple while stabbing the FSF for acting just the same way".

Also: mysoginy and elitism are rampant in the entire FLOSS landscape and that should be addressed ASAP

@maltimore yup. Gotta love some people's idea of "having principles". Easy come, easy go.

@maltimore Can you elaborate on what you see objectionable in this message?

@jaranta sure. RMS is obviously creepy and disgusting and the FSF with him on the board should not be supported. But to turn away from all open source software for that reason is ridiculous. So the person who tweeted this is now going to google "closed source Thunderbird alternative" and migrate their emails? I also know that they're a Python programmer. Are they going to go look for closed source Python alternatives? And closed source Python libraries to replace the open source ones?

@maltimore Hmh. I think that's not a very generous reading of their message? You can use all those on a Mac and just stop being advocate of free software? Especially if the reason is the toxic culture in free software?

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