How to insert a handwritten signature to a PDF document on Linux? I found no good info by duckducking it.

1. How to create signature, as a png with transparent background?

2. How to easily insert a signature png into a pdf?

@hhardy01 this is recommending the Xournal software, which seems to be quite buggy

@hhardy01 @maltimore

I use this method all the time, except I have my signature saved as a PNG. SVG is a much better idea.

And I use Xournal++ instead of Xournal, for no particular reason.

@maltimore you could scan or photograph your signature and select just the signature. GIMP can read and write PDF.

@maltimore this comes up at least a couple times a year. the last thread i could find about it:

lol the comments are gold, especially yours:

"this echoes much of the process i've cycled through the last half dozen times. it's always like "there has got to be a simple workflow for this, right?" and the answer is just: nope."

@maltimore what i will do the next time i have to deal with this is load the pdf on my remarkable tablet, sign it, and export it back to my linux desktop.

so the best solution i possess for making a picture of some lines on a nominally open document format is not only closed source software, but a ridiculously expensive piece of niche hardware.

i remain fairly pissed off about all of this when i think about it.

funny enough I have an even more expensive E-Reader (flex, I know), the Onyx Boox Plus or something. Maybe I'll use that as well then!

@maltimore yeah, might well be the easiest solution if it handles scribbling atop pdfs at all well.

@brennen worked like a charm. In fact, any other solution besides printing wouldn't have worked, because I needed to fill in several forms, and okular only recognized some of them.

@maltimore @brennen LibreOffice Draw can handle this, I've done it many times.

@mike i'm perpetually just running whatever's in debian stable, so it's probably behind the times, but i haven't had much luck with libreoffice draw rendering pdfs correctly / not mangling them on export.

it's, like, _almost_ there, but i just tried it again to check and the result isn't something i could send back to an employer or file my taxes with or what-have-you.


@brennen @maltimore Oh, I'm also pretty much always on Debian Stable, it's done OK for me on that front though. I probably had simpler forms or something I suppose.

It's not something that's come up often but I've been "signing" things using Draw for years.

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