Which frontend do you use for OpenStreetMap on the desktop?

I've only tried the website and Gnome maps, both of which I found to have usability issues (specifically the search function could be (much) better).

@maltimore For searching i use overpass-turbo's wizard function or directly if it's an address only. On mobile i use OsmAnd or Organic Maps.

@maltimore there is an osmand+ port to the linux desktop that looks promising, but I've not tried

I want offline vector maps on the laptop, like I have in osmand+ on my phone

mostly #josm to contribute
openrouting service to find de ways,
Marble to enjoy the spheric view

#graphhopper when planning itineraries ( different vehicle types ) + slope/elevation graph)


As a front-end for what? It really depends on what I want to do.

If I have to share something with other people, I've been using #Qwant a lot these days, but more often, I share locations using a geo URL. (That way, the user ends up using whatever preferred app they have in their device).

On, I use the much cleaner #CyclOSM layer as my default.

thanks for the detailed answer.

What I often want to do is search for a restaurant or cafe or post box in the area.

My post specifically was motivated after I searched on for a "Cafe" in my neighborhood (having my neighborhood in Berlin focused on the map) and it immediately showed me some place in the Philippines.


hmmm ... "cafe" is really too generic, and you'd end up with too many hits -- but I'm curious how you ended up in the Philippines. 😁

I also like using #OpenStreetBrowser, but it uses the default layer, and doesn't look as slick as Qwant.


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