I put my previously completely chrome looking moka pot that I used since years into the dishwasher for the first time. Afterwards it looked like this. What happened?

@maltimore Your moka pot is made from aluminium. It reacts with the alkaline detergents in the dish washer. It is still safe to use.

@maltimore Mine is aluminum, is yours? You can tell by seeing if a magnet sticks to it. No pull from the magnet = probably aluminum. It looks like the aluminum equivalent of rust (aluminum oxide). It should polish off if you don't like the look.


Do you want to know what happened?

What happened is that you learned something.

That's why no one (?) in Italy puts the moka in the dishwasher.

@maltimore ITS made from Aluminium and it does not Like the cleaning chemicals at all

@maltimore It looks like aluminum pots that I've put in the dishwasher. It's just cosmetic, and can be scrubbed off pretty easily with steel wool, if you're not concerned about scratching.

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