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3 Things that are difficult in computer science:

- naming things
- preventing off-by-one errors

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was looking for something else and found this comic from

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Plasma 5.21 is out and it is the prettiest thing ever. Check out the new wallpaper, the easy-to-use application launcher, the brand new system monitor, and dozens of other improvements that make 5.21 the ideal desktop for you.

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Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

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So, what are we about? 23 orgas, over 13.000 people and counting.

We're simply worried about the massive deployment of biometric surveillance tech such as facial recognition cams. It's secretive, it's unlawful, it's inhumane.

We are calling for a BAN on biometric mass surveillance. In February 2021 we are launching an ECI (European Citizen Initiative) aimed at the European Commission.

Get involved and #ReclaimYourFace!

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5d into using the #PinePhone +#mobian+PhoSh.

I made it mine through:

* "bricking" it (it is very HARD to _actually_ brick as it boots in priority from a micro-SDcard.. and the issue was documented)
* trying 10+ OSes on it
* apt dist-upgrade
* apt install stuff
* editing config files and boot loader with vi
* querying the baseband
* adding custom script in /usr/local/bin
* importing data through NextCloud

I feel that joy, curiosity and excitement i didn't feel in computing for a while! #Libre

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Tooting for the first time from a PinePhone, mobian, phosh and tootle! Haven't been so excited about a computer since.... my first thinkpad?

Full of glitches and quirks... but so exciting to have total agency over a mobile computer! That's how it should always be!!

#pinephone #pine64 #mobian #freeasfreedom

That's it. Once this pandemic is over, I'm going to improv classes.

(Disclaimer: the chances of me actually doing this are slim)

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Heads up #Fediverse

@k9mail is looking for funding to maintain their popular #android mail app. #k9mail hopes to raise €1,000 p/w on #liberapay to be able to work fulltime on the project.

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"The decision comes a week after a court held the state responsible for its failure to take sufficient measures to halt climate change, a first in France."

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System76: images of their own up and coming custom KEYBOARD.

The source code has also been released.

The want to bring the ultimate user controlled keyboard experience.

Open source mechanical, electrical design, open source firmware and associated software, and a large number of user configuration opportunities.

Firmware updates via fwupd project. Settings are stored on EEPROM and are maintained through firmware updates.

#System76 #Keyboard #Linux #hardware

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There's also an awesome app for android for this. CV Android. It's available on f-droid

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I just saw someone rightfully rant that in order to get live captions for your livestream to improve accessibility (), you need to send everything to Google's servers for their speech recognition engines. Also need to use Chrome.

So here's a eminder that there is an effort by Mozilla () for open source speech recognition. They need training data, and everyone can donate their voice, or help verify other people's recordings.

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Raspberry Pi OS has turned into spyware for M$:

And yes, they add M$'s repository key to APT's trusted database and add their repo to APT's repo list.
Without asking.
Or informing you via a NEWS file.

So now every time you do "apt[itude] update", M$ will know about it.

This isn't the first time that the #RaspberryPi Foundation changed your sources.list without asking:

Fuck that.


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My bank just offered me a loan in case I want to buy a house. The interest I have to pay them: -0.1%. In other words, if I take out money, I'll have to repay them less than what I took.

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