The is .

You use open / libre / free software products and even install a and . You hope that you minimize data transfer to companies like . You hope for more . Then you check the forums, block-URLs etc. of that products. Results: Disappointing.

- pihole has default block lists hosted by amazon ( and microsoft (

- cloudflare (, list recommend by ,

- Forums /websites use the above mentioned providers:
- cloudflare (,,
- amazon (DuckDuckGo)
- someone over here in the Fediverse uses Google Drive to upload his LineageOS ROM for the Nexus 4 (mako)
- google analytics / tag manager (,,,

The list continues, this was just a quick check.

I'm sad.


@marco So? We fight them with their weapons.

I don't expect any FOSS project to deploy full stack using open-source-only tools. Thanks to those project I can self-host infrastructure that rivals the giants (ok, it doesn't, but it does the job for me).

@erik It's not about a fight. It's about knowledge. We can point them here for example:

It's also really annoying how many sites are completely broken if you just block all google services.

@mrln : We can just make a list out of it. Found today: Linux Professional Institute ( is using, and

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