Hi Mastodon! Missed you.

Just had to overcome inertia to click that "forgot password" button

Like with every account ever

Toot toot! Late on a Sunday and uploading my songs to new places.

I realized I had to shave a half second of silence off the end of a master track. A tiny thing but it sure does matter.

All these different languages
but one thing they all have in common:

You can do it girl it will make you happy just go go go outside

It is sunny and I am trying to make myself go outside. Go go go go go

Springtime in downtown Juneau:

Walking home at 2am thinking "are the bears awake yet? Is it today? Tomorrow? Soon? Have they been in my garbage yet tonight?"

I make music for a living, but so much of being a musician is actually Computering. Type type click click.

This week was a week of music. I got to spend more time playing, jamming, rehearsing, and listening than computing. What a welcome change that is!

Holla at all the other artists/makers, esp. those who appreciate that being a full timer is really just being your own full-time secretary so you can do your art thing in the few hours left over.

My town in Alaska is small -- 30,000 people -- but we sure have an amazing crop of musicians in every style.

tonight I moved all the mic stands for a 4-hour mainstage concert at our local folk festival.

Different musical acts every 15 minutes, some grand, some small, some great, some terrible.

I really love hearing very old people and very young people play music. Any kind of music, honestly.

A very old native Tlingit man forgot the words to the country song he was singing tonight with his guitar, the friend he was playing with prompted him. My sentimental lil heart soared for a second.

u can 🎺 if u want to
u can leave your 🐦 behind
cuz ur 🐦 dont 🎺
an if they dont 🎺
well theyre no friends of mine

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