Es war Mal wieder an der Zeit:
I support @EFF because digital rights are human rights.

Hmm 😊
Fatum, Genix, Jaytech and Judah "We're All In This Together" (Above & Beyond Respray) Official Video

Wegen mir werden gerade bundesweit die Steuerformulare geändert. 😁

Sexismus und die Steuererklärung: Ein kleiner Sieg

Wow, did my first remote Mac Teamviewer upgrade today, without having to drive to the "datacenter". Way to go Teamviewer! If you keep that up, you'll soon get to play with the big boys. P)

Wurde gerade in der Ardmediathek Geoblocked. Bin anscheinend nicht mehr in Deutschland.

Last time i felt like that was summer 2002. That time i was w/out a cell phone for 7 years, because the industry primarily created crap. Seems we're there again.

I know it'll be hard, but i can see a time w/out a smart phone coming up real soon. @Android used to be cool, but by now i find it to be as large of a piece of crap as windoze. Add to that the Manufacturer lock in BS. My xperia seems softbricked because i followed the wrong snippets scattered over the web, and my shift 6m is a buggy pile of crap that crashes everyday and has no usable bluetooth. I'm sorry guys, but that's heck'o fucked up.

So is completely broken at this moment? Selecting a folder lists the songs but doesn't play them.

Well, finally managed to do with web extensions, what did years ago with akonadi. Suicide!
Bye bye thunderbird, hello .

lots of techbro energy 

Stackoverflow explained via cats

(Signature in panel 3 says NAKANDART)

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