Also interesting, google says i have only two download tries. But i may stream as long as it pleases google. If that doesn't make me a sucker i don't know what does.

Anyway i just managed to actually download Grum's new album "Deep State" which is... really cool 😍

Ok google, i finally found the download link burried in some context menus. I still think that's nefarious, so my last comment stands!

I think i just bought my last album, (...ever?) never say never, but for quite a while. Google, fuck you too.

So my rant is about me trying to buy an album to download and listen to as i please, WITHOUT an internet connection. If those days are gone, i'll soon be going back to pen and paper. I don't care if no one can read my writing.

Am i getting this right. I have to start buying and ripping CDs again, cause everyone, has become a streaming bitch and eliminated the download buttons. Music as a service is an intersting concept.
Please use it for light bulbs instead of filling landfills with mercury.

I used to be able to buy music at amazon. Is that still possible, or have they become streaming drug dealers?

Also das "The Cure" Konzert auf gerade kann ich nur empfehlen.

This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

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