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Galerie mit Kunstwerken, die von sozialen Medien zensiert wurden.

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In Corona-Zeiten haben viele Deutsche regionale Produkte und das Kochen lieben gelernt. Der Appetit auf Fleisch ließ laut "Ernährungsreport" aber stark nach - und zwar schon in den vergangenen fünf Jahren. "Flexitarisch" ist angesagt.
"Ernährungsreport 2020": Kochen beliebt - Fleisch ist out
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I do like how "Ok boomer" made "Ok Google" sound as dismissive as it should have been from the start.

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We've published a second release candidate, #Funkwhale 0.21-rc2, that should address a lot of the small bugs and issues that were included in the first RC.

Full changelog at, this include in particular :

- CLI Importer is now more reliable and less resource-hungry on large libraries
- Improved performance and error handling when fetching remote attachments
- Translations: Arabic, Catalan, English (United Kingdom), German, Occitan, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian
- Exclude external podcasts from library home
- Fixed attachments URL not honoring media URL
- Fixed avatar saving issue
- Fixed several typos

See for detailed instructions to try it, and to submit feedback.

Many thanks to our testers, translators and bugfixers!

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Wer eine BahnCard 25 oder 50 besitzt kann hier bei der Bahn einen Reisegutschein beantragen, weil man die BahnCard zu Corona-Zeiten ja nicht voll nutzen kann:

#bahncard #reisegutschein #danke


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It's always amazing to me how the asian countries have like a whole separate software world, compared to western countries.

Yesterday, I've stumbled upon some streaming server software that apparently is _huge_ in China, serving millions of clients. In the past 5 years of me dealing with streaming, I've never heard of it. You can hardly find any info about it on english websites. Really only stumbled upon it by coincidence.

There is tons of amazing FOSS we don't know about, coming from China.

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it's fucked up that they kept making technology technically better but morally, ethically, aesthetically, and spiritually worse to the point where i don't want to even use anything anymore

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das aktuelle lied ist das begrüssungslied für @marzzzello

"hello hello"


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Habe gerade das @schenklradio entdeckt. Wie geil ist das denn?! :awesome: 🎉 🎧 *dancing banana*

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Try an app for your phone and computer that reduces the blue light on your screens at night.

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Hab gestern Abend bei der Suche in der großen Backbox nach bunten Zuckerperlen ein Päckchen #Trockenhefe am Boden gefunden!
Habe sie sofort vermehrt und eingefrohren!

Vermehrung nach folgendem Ansatz:
100g Mehl 405
100ml Wasser
1 EL Zucker
1 Päckchen Trockenhefe (oder 1/2Hefewürfel)

Alles in einer großen! Schüssel mischen und 2 Stunden stehenlassen. Der Teig sollte sich vom Volumen vervielfachen. Danach in Eiswürfelbehälter geben und einfrieren. Kann man analog zu #Hefe verwenden.

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We received $10.000 funding in our collective ( from the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS) speed dating event that happened during #FOSDEM.

These funds will be used for making the f-droid build process work faster and more reliably.

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The reason why everybody should move IPv6 is because we can have b00b in our address, from one to many times

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Please Stay @
Don't Be

I've updated your request to something modern :blobcat:
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Nothing I thought I would do some day. Sewed me a face mask from scrap jersey. Fits PM2.5 filter pads.
And yes, I know it does not filter viruses, but even some layers of fabric are way more effective than no mask. #StayAtHomeStaySafe

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the pomodoro technique is when you eat tomato instead of doing work

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