Has someone an idea how to solve this problem:
I have 2 servers. One is in a datacenter and has fast internet access but small disk space. The second one is at home and has not so fast internet (~30Mbit/s up/down) but lots of disk space.

Now I want to setup a Nextcloud or sth similar where the datacenter server is basically caching and then slowly syncing to the homeserver.
And if I am at home I would not need the cache server of course.
Is there an (easy) solution?

In theory it's quite easy. I'd just need a distributed file system with caching (there are quite a lot lol And then I need to run the application on both servers and keep them in sync. Idk how good Nextcloud can handle this. The client has to decide to which server it connects.
I am looking for some examples now
@heimdall @triF5

I would try something with rsync and a cronjob. But I don't know if that's what you asking for...

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