Today at @fdroidorg: 62 updated and 8 new apps:

* Newpipe finally updated!!!
* @CCTG has a new version!


* Automation: event-based automation
* Timer +X: pre-define timers and add them when needed (a la "alarm in 4min (tea)" or "in 20min (nap)")
* 🇩🇪 Schule: Lernübungen (Mathe, Uhr, Rechtschreibung)
* mpv remote: control mpv running on your PC

And more. As always: enjoy your (3405) #Android #foss #apps at #fdroid – more to come, stay tuned!

@razzlom that's known, yes. My announcement was about the F-Droid repo, where (due to technical issues verifying the reproducible build) it was not updated for several month. Newpipe team now decided to drop the reproducible part, so F-Droid was able to publish again. Difference: now the app from the F-Droid repo is signed with F-Droid's keys only (no longer double-signed) until the underlying issue can be solved.

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