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Dear :mastoart:
Is anyone interested in buying a handmade photographic print on baryta paper?
Here are some samples of my work in the darkroom.
Bonsoir Mastodon,
Acheter des tirages photographiques sur papier baryté, ça vous intéresse?
Tiré à la mains par mes soins dans la chambre noire.
#MastoArt #Art #photography #photo #photographie #foto #blackandwhite #christmas #gift

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I'm trying to track down a 19th century French polymath -- engineer, economist, possibly public administrator. Did work on infrastructure, particularly sewers and/or water supply, bridges, and railroads.

I _think_ he also made an observation of the economic logic of multi-class passenger railroad service and amenities of accommodations (intentionally poor lowest-class service).

Likely active ~1840 - 1860.

My Web-fu is gives nil.

#dearMastomind #economists #france #nineteenthCentury

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Minox ML
Rollei RPX400 @200
Rodinal 1:25, 20 deg's, 12 min's
Scan: 2400dpi
PP: simple 'S' curve, scale and border.

Development was at dilution/time for box-speed according to MassiveDevChart...

I think these have a more classic look that this emulsion is known for. Grain is good. This also works for me. Lighting again was bright and contrasty today.

Roll #2 - I will Pull development by one stop, using the maxim of over-exposed/under develop...

More here: snap.as/lhl/minox-ml

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With this and AMP, Google is gradually erasing the line between googling something and actually visiting a website...

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why would anyone subject themselves to this software

Somehow I managed to make it to age 37 without learning how to crimp ethernet cable. I always thought it would be fiddly and failure-prone; in fact it's very straightforward.

One more thing to add to my list of nearly-obsolete skills :)

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What It’s Like Living in One of the Hottest Cities on Earth—Where It May Soon Be Uninhabitable

« The week before I arrived in Jacobabad, the city had reached a scorching 51.1°C (124°F). Similar temperatures in Sahiwal, in a neighboring province, combined with a power outage, had killed eight babies in a hospital ICU when the air-conditioning cut out. Summer in Sindh province is no joke. People die. »

#photoreportage #time #climatechange


" ... radical environmentalism has always been romantic – and romantics were the fiercest critics of Malthus."
- Giorgios Kallis, in Defending limits is not Malthusian

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What's your favorite #StarTrek two-part episode?

(Two or more part, I guess, so folk can answer with the end of DS9 if they'd like.)

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" ... So it may be impossible to distinguish between people and bots not because the bots have grown as smart as people, but because much of the time, people are as dumb as bots ... "
- Peter Watts on babbling

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