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You asked for it: github.com/halcy/Mastodon-LaTe Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

The author also has a surprisingly positive view of child labour, and hopes that technology will soon enable babies to be productive too.

That's 19th century progressives for you, I suppose.

The Tragedy of the Commons has always been described to me as an argument against collective control of resources.

Reading William Forster Lloyd's actual lecture, it's actually about the limits and problems of unregulated economic growth and a plea for collective moderation.

Another nugget from ‘producing open source software’ (2006). @kfogel talks extensively about how companies sponsoring OSS should do so only with the consent of the community.

Fast-forward to 2018, where corporate-governed Open Source is a very common phenomenon indeed.

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The GPL wasn't written for the developers installing code from npms or githubs.

It was for the user whose printer drivers didn't work with their new OS.

It was for the user who discovers a bug in a system they rely on every day to out bread on the table.

It was for the user whose needs extend beyond "does it work" to include "will this keep me from being hurt?"

Free software exists to give voice and medium to people who otherwise wouldn't have it. We'd be wise to remember that, since it cuts both ways.

Reading on in Karl Fogel's ‘producing open source software', (producingoss.com/) he talks about choosing mailing list software, mailing list archiver, version control system, issue tracker, etc.

Today the common answer to this is “github”. Github may not be particularly good at any of these things, but it's comprehensive.

A tip from “producing open source software”: police rudeness as an aside, then, in the same message, move back to the technical discussion. This way, you can avoid unproductive meta discussions if people are willing to move on.

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Starting on twitter.com/kfogel 's book "producing open source software". I wonder how it holds up - a lot of things have changed in the past twelve years.

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I may have to avoid Mastodon until this #DeleteFacebook thing blows over.

It's pushing all my "people being wrong on the Internet" buttons. All of them.

Friends! Stop being idiots! Please!

The fact is, the Fediverse does not protect your data or the social graph AT ALL. Anyone who wants to harvest your data, can. It's virtually all 100% public!

At least Facebook has some speedbumps.

If we replaced Facebook with the Fediverse tomorrow, privacy would suffer immeasurably.

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Today I learned about the existence of low-background steel, and why old shipwrecks are so interesting to scrap metal merchants. hackaday.com/2017/03/27/low-ba