I do plan to be at the large demonstration in the Hague on the 27th.
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The nearest climate strike (in ) seems to have drawn about thirty-six protesters. While they seem wonderful young people, they also reminded me why I hate demonstrations. I think my time is better spent tuning my home heating system.

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Don't confuse evil with incompetence.
Evil always has all the right words to say. Incompetence makes brash and indefensible statements. Evil uses deception; incompetence uses mismanagement. Evil marginalizes its critics, incompetence marginalizes its allies.
Incompetence should be removed from positions of responsibility - gently and respectfully. And we must always remember that it is when we begin to turn on each other that the real evil wins.

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Oh for comparison this spot where this photo was taken is the same spot as the other photo with the green and birch bark.

Shows what a little care and attention can do to a space. Oh, and sun-dappled lighting.

[edit: HEre I'll just put both photos on this post.]

I do find myself nodding in agreement with most of Lanier's arguments.

Recently I read a story collection by Ted Chiang, who must be Lanier's mirror opposite; a fiction writer who writes with meticulous attention to detail.

First thoughts on reading ‘Who owns the future’ ( openlibrary.org/books/OL254241 ) : Lanier is the thinking man's neckbeard. Someone who tries very hard to impress with his erudition. And he actually manages to dazzle.

But is this appropriate for non-fiction? complexity and computational complexity are used interchangeably. ‘Server’ clearly means something other than what I'm used to.

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JMAP is an RFC: tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8621

The JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) for Mail:

"A data model for synchronising email data with a server using the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP).Clients can use this to efficiently search, access, organise, and send messages, and to get push notifications for fast resynchronisation when new messages are delivered or a change is made in another client."

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And by Consume Less, I mean: government should have a budget for energy the way it has for public money. It should debate which parts of society should cut back, which parts can grow.

Energy austerity. It'll be painful, there will be dirty politics surrounding it, but it's the only way to cut back seriously.

The answer to the climate crisis is the same as the answer to losing weight: Consume Fewer Calories.

But that's a hard thing to do, so we pretend that there are other options.

This hypocrisy is not lost on climate skeptics. If we don't really follow our own advice, how can we ever expect our opponents to take it?

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It WILL be tempting to think they are trying to destroy your world and strip mine it for resources, if you'll permit me the turn of phrase. DON'T jump to it as your first conclusion unless there's other signs.

I repeat, most of the time this is NOT the case. People are MUCH more likely to be ticked off for unrelated reasons or genuinely believe they are in the right. But in the unlikely case it is, in fact, an emergency, you don't want to fight while out of position.

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Some affluent air traveler, please climate-compensate by paying for our bus/train tickets that were more expensive than flight tickets.

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A friend of mine is urgently looking for (preferably steady) Android dev work in the Netherlands, please let me know if you know something!

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Gezocht in Amsterdam: ruimte voor #IndieWebCamp op 28 en 29 september.
Benodigd 3 ruimten (1 max 35, 2 max 10-12), waarvan de grotere op beide dagen, de anderen alleen de 1e dag. Budget: liefst gesponsord door gebruiker v.d. ruimte(s). Bijv. kantoor/vergaderruimtes tech-gelieerd bedrijf? #IndieWeb

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There's a limited view of economic growth being inherently linked to growth of consumption of resources and pollution. It's not true.

If you write a song and make money off it, you've grown the economy by a bit. Most developed economies have been growing in services in recent decades, which mostly means people moving bits and paper around for money.

Opponents of drastic CO2 reduction act as if it will inevitably harm economic growth, but it's not as simple as that.


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