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My department (Glasgow Computing Science) is hiring a lot of new people at lecture/senior lecturer/reader level (associate prof) and also one full pro:

- Responsible AI (x4)
- Socially Intelligent Technologies
- Machine Learning
- Healthcare Technologies (x3)
- Low Carbon Computing (x3)
- Software Engineering
- Cyber Security (x1 Prof.)

I am leading the Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing theme.

📅 Deadline 26 April.


boosts appreciated!

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The Great Man theory of social progress or art or anything is inherently colonialist and supports kyrarchy. It's a persistent idea in western culture and apparently nothing in a typical CS education ever challenges this. Computers are either invented by a series of great men or they exist in some sort of end-of-history eternal present. RMS is a great man. Therefore any toxicity in his actions is overlookable and toxicity in his defenders is at worst just over exuberance or at best necessary and therefore good.

I'm picking on CS here, but its hardly unique. I've been teaching a course this year that specifically invokes this model of history in the official design documents.

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and the FSF and GNU are basically just a distraction. the stallman thing doesn't matter, none of it matters, because we'll never have meaningfully free computing in the hands of the many

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Is there a way to speak out against the McCarthyist condemnations of RMS without defending RMS?

There's a very good case that he's a poor fit for any representative position.

There's a very poor case that he's a despicable human being.

If you can only oppose people if you can make yourself believe they are monsters, then you refuse to acknowledge that the status quo is perpetuated by perfectly likeable, decent human beings.

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Филип Джонс Гриффитс. Северная Ирландия, 1973 г.

Philip Jones Griffiths. Northern Ireland, 1973 Пластиковый щит, за которым скрывается человек в каске покрыт царапинами, потертостями, следами ударов. Мутная покореженная поверхность растворяет индивидуальные черты, превращая их в обобщенный образ солдата. Никаких деталей, никаких подробностей, никакой личности. Это анонимность противника – топливо для ненависти в любых уличных протестах. Камера фотографа находится на той же стороне что и сила, от которой защищаются щитами. Если бы жесткие, острые, ненавистные, агрессивные и отчаянные взгляды оставляли физический след в пространстве, то это были бы новые царапины на щите, новые следы ударов. И чем больше таких ударов, тем менее видимым становится человек. Наверное, это одна из самых точных и самых выразительных фотографий о насилии.



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So... the EU considers DNS critical infrastructure. So far so good.
"As a consequence of this directive’s quite broad definition of DNS, every organisation or individual running their own DNS will have to comply by registering their DNS service with ENISA, the EU agency for Cyber Security."



“…That means there are [mechanics in vans] driving around in the Netherlands, working for Dutch telecommunications companies, And if they want to know what they have to do, they have to set up a call to [customer care in] Vietnam, and someone in Vietnam will tell them what they have to do ... ”



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