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The big reason you don't want to do this, by the way, is because you will punch through the ice and fuck your ankle up.

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I finally upgraded my 11YO desktop to a ryzen 7 + nvme ssd build.

Being able to silver search through nixpkgs in real time is something I'm getting used to really quick :D

Switching to my thinkpad x250 when I'm on the go is now painful instead of being a relief!

Upgrading your main computer is a slippery slope.
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Wat zou mij dan wel niet overkomen, want ik ben voor een complete ontmanteling van de veestapel. 🤔

*Eindhovense indiener veestapelpetitie bedreigd*

"De Eindhovense Hanneke van Veghel startte een petitie voor halvering van de veestapel. Dat heeft ze geweten: het regent bedreigingen en verwensingen op sociale media.

Dat ze een ‘mafkut’ is, een ‘achterlijke trut’. Dat ze haar leven heel moeilijk gaan maken. Hanneke van Veghel (34) heeft de afgelopen dagen nogal een bak stront over zich heen gekregen.

De Eindhovense die zich online profileert als landbouwdeskundige en blogger startte samen met Brabants Burger Platform begin deze week een petitie waarin ze oproept de Nederlandse veestapel te halveren. De Nederlandse veehouderij is tegen haar grenzen aangelopen en om onder meer de stikstofcrisis te bezweren, is een halvering van de veestapel nodig, stelt Van Veghel in de petitie. …"


#vee #boeren #vlees #veganisme #vegetarisme #klimaatcrisis #klimaatverandering

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Where's the life, the flourishing, in an ObserverFactory?

New study: Wind turbines actually make the climate warmer - by 0.24 degrees, if the continental US were to switch entirely to onshore wind for its power generation - and that's far, far away.

How long will it take for someone to take this finding out of context?


The Linux Ecology-HOWTO ( tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Eco ) has been updated since I last read it, but it still revolves around the desktop pc. Useful tips for saving printer ink don't cut it anymore.

So apparently streaming video results in an estimated 1.6kg of CO₂ per half hour. That's huge, comparable to driving a car on the motorway for an hour.

I might've produced more CO₂ watching videos about insulating homes than I'm ever likely to recuperate insulating my home.

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Dear :mastoart:
Is anyone interested in buying a handmade photographic print on baryta paper?
Here are some samples of my work in the darkroom.
Bonsoir Mastodon,
Acheter des tirages photographiques sur papier baryté, ça vous intéresse?
Tiré à la mains par mes soins dans la chambre noire.
#MastoArt #Art #photography #photo #photographie #foto #blackandwhite #christmas #gift

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I'm trying to track down a 19th century French polymath -- engineer, economist, possibly public administrator. Did work on infrastructure, particularly sewers and/or water supply, bridges, and railroads.

I _think_ he also made an observation of the economic logic of multi-class passenger railroad service and amenities of accommodations (intentionally poor lowest-class service).

Likely active ~1840 - 1860.

My Web-fu is gives nil.

#dearMastomind #economists #france #nineteenthCentury


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