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Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds.

Exclusive: poll of 10 countries including US, UK, France and Germany finds people prioritising measures that are already habits.

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To those who feel that the answer to car dependency is to get rid of urban sprawl: what timeline do you have for that?

I actually agree that it's a good idea. But urban sprawl took decades to achieve its current form.

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Super duidelijke en urgente oproep in brandbrief van @sciforfuture_NL@twitter.com aan toekomstige regering: "stop met #exportkredietverzekering voor exportactiviteiten in de fossiele brandstof sector."

#StopFundingFossils @MinPres@twitter.com @SigridKaag@twitter.com @stasVijlbrief@twitter.com


🐦🔗: twitter.com/NielsHazekamp/stat

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Aber China!!11

1. für wen produziert China sehr viel?
2. warum sind wir auch in den Top 9 der Emittenten, obwohl SO viel kleiner?

China 3,381
Vereinigte Staaten 2,046
Indien 908
Russland 731
Japan 386
Brasilien 286
Südkorea 283
Kanada 281
Deutschland 275

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@kensanata This is not from the article, that's my own take.

With inclusion of the emoji the Consortium took on a mathematically impossible task of, basically, including anything that can be drawn into the standard. Because it's basically an infinite set. Which they dedicate real resources to.

Instead of finding and including as of yet excluded writing and typesetting systems, the argument in the consortium is over if they need to include a crylaugh poo emoji or not. This shifts and basically destroys the purpose of the organization.


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#FollowerPower: We (@noybeu) were literally asked to spend up to € 4.000 of donations to link our #FullStack developer job posting on "career pages" or just in relevant newsletters...

If you are working in the IT sector, maybe help us by sharing this: noyb.eu/sites/default/files/20 ☺️

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Solar Power: Abundant or not?

So, yes, "as much raw incident sunlight falls on the Earth in 1 hour as all of humanity uses in 1 year."

Sounds like a lot. About a 7,000-times surplus.

But when you start doing the maths, it turns out that 1) the amount of usable sunlight is far, far lower (about 100 -- 200x present human energy usage) and 2) baked-in assumptions of human energy consumption growth based just on population growth and a modest levelling-up for the global poor chews up about 1/5 of that surplus.

More depressing truth/reality here:


And no, the message isn't that renewables aren't realistic. It's that our expectations aren't.

#energy #solar #solarPower #DoTheMaths #population #affluence #renewables #limits #LimitsToGrowth

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Suck it, Malthus.

(And Thanos, too, while we're at it, and Cixin Liu and all the other neo-Malthusians.)

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Listened to Close to the Edge by Yes and in the ending my cat ran to the TV to look for the birds


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