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"If you separate the thinking about things from the doing of things, then innovation will suffer."

-- berthub.eu/articles/posts/how-


Wordle 206 5/6


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This is so telling: in an interview about "big ideas" with an economist dubbed "America's foremost public intellectual", the ecological breakdown of our planet is mentioned only once in passing.


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Security vendoren zijn risico dat moet worden aangepakt

Security vendoren roepen in koor dat de netwerken kwetsbaar zijn en gebruikers een risico


#Achtergrond #cybersecurity #risico

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Fediverse, we hope to have a hacker camp in the Netherlands this Summer (yes, COVID-willing), do propose your talks at cfp.mch2022.org and here's an additional blogseries on what we're looking for: mch2022.org/#/Blog/stuff-we-li #MCH2022 (boosts are most welcome)

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@SheDrivesMobility Ich habe das auch so satt. Niemand in der elite will es wahr haben das die leute mit weniger geld auch weniger CO2 austosen. Das gilt sowohl innerhalb Deutschland und auch im internationalen vergleich. Weniger geld brauchen ist klimaschutz: fahrrad kostet weniger als auto, kleine wohnung weniger als grosses haus, ferien an der nordsee weniger als ferien in USA. Die phrase ist ideologie pur, und geht genau nur darum status quo zu bewahren.

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Frugal computing: developer perspective

On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.



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The whole thing about #blockchain inserting itself into places where it's not needed is to create gatekeepers and middlemen, who can then extract rent and do speculative "market" making.

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Check it out!

The well-known Dutch museum of "Beeld en Geluid" (Sound & Vision) is experimenting with offering of their extensive historic video collection via @peertube


Here's the main museum website: beeldengeluid.nl/en

It is wonderful to see more and more open museums and other institutions explore open technologies such as #Peertube

I birdsided the announcement with a CC to the museum: twitter.com/humane_tech_now/st

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Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds.

Exclusive: poll of 10 countries including US, UK, France and Germany finds people prioritising measures that are already habits.

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To those who feel that the answer to car dependency is to get rid of urban sprawl: what timeline do you have for that?

I actually agree that it's a good idea. But urban sprawl took decades to achieve its current form.

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RT @NielsHazekamp@twitter.com

Super duidelijke en urgente oproep in brandbrief van @sciforfuture_NL@twitter.com aan toekomstige regering: "stop met #exportkredietverzekering voor exportactiviteiten in de fossiele brandstof sector."

#StopFundingFossils @MinPres@twitter.com @SigridKaag@twitter.com @stasVijlbrief@twitter.com


🐦🔗: twitter.com/NielsHazekamp/stat

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Aber China!!11

1. für wen produziert China sehr viel?
2. warum sind wir auch in den Top 9 der Emittenten, obwohl SO viel kleiner?

China 3,381
Vereinigte Staaten 2,046
Indien 908
Russland 731
Japan 386
Brasilien 286
Südkorea 283
Kanada 281
Deutschland 275

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