The answer to the climate crisis is the same as the answer to losing weight: Consume Fewer Calories.

But that's a hard thing to do, so we pretend that there are other options.

This hypocrisy is not lost on climate skeptics. If we don't really follow our own advice, how can we ever expect our opponents to take it?


And by Consume Less, I mean: government should have a budget for energy the way it has for public money. It should debate which parts of society should cut back, which parts can grow.

Energy austerity. It'll be painful, there will be dirty politics surrounding it, but it's the only way to cut back seriously.

@michiel Right? People talk about this and that specific issue, this or that fad "diet"...

Use less, all around. That's the only goal, everything else is a means.

@emsenn as a Fat Person, I see my own tendencies to procrastinate, self-deceive and latch on to magical solutions greatly magnified at the level of society.

It's frustrating enough when it concerns just my personal health. It's infuriating when it involves everybody's future.

@michiel Counterpoint, it's kind of nice knowing that the biggest social problems are fundamentally the same as our personal problems, like, we don't have two different classes of problems to solve, they're all holistically the same thing.

@emsenn Heh, that interpretation requires more optimism than I can summon at the moment, but I can appreciate its originality ;)

@michiel I really like how you responded here. It says "no thank you, not right now" to what I've said in a very polite way.

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