An interesting report about holiday travel in the Netherlands: (in Dutch).

The Netherlands is a relatively wealthy country, and is fairly well connected to the European railway network. 86% of all holiday trips have the European subcontinent as destination.

Nevertheless, 43% of all holiday trips are taken by plane. 74% of all passenger miles. (1/n)

We should stop blaming boomers for everything: they're much less likely to go abroad period. And much less likely to fly.

Well-educated yuppies are the most likely to fly, they fly most frequently, and even though the top flyers only comprise 8% of the population, they make about 40% of the passenger miles. (2/3)

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40% of the people traveling abroad describe themselves as 'environmentally conscious', but almost none of them have modified their travel plans or methods because of this. (3/3)

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@michiel The main problem is that flying is too cheap. No VAT, no taxes and definitely no additional costs for enviromental damage. I've met people that fly to Dubai for the weekend to go shopping for Christ sake. A good start would be to increase the price tenfold.

@ericbuijs Perhaps. If this would cause people to travel the same distances by car with a big caravan in tow, that would cause even more emissions. And that's not inconceivable; most of these flights are to Italy and Spain; it's quite plausible to go there by car.

I think the problem is that we've turned travel into a status symbol.

Traveling used to be hard, so there's a leftover notion that globetrotters are more experienced, versatile and developed people.

@ericbuijs when you think about it, the experience of being stuffed into a thin aluminium can isn't all that pleasant, and city trips by plane will typically make you realize that commercial culture is now the same the world over.

But the ideation of travel still persists.

@michiel Agreed. Therefore my almost exclusive way of travelling is a bicycle not only because it's the most energy efficient way (in km/kWh) to be mobile but it's also healthy and fun.

@ericbuijs the slower your speed, the more you see. When I went on holiday by plane (I never claimed to be a saint!) I took photographs of all the same landmarks the other tourists see. When I go on a walk in my dull suburban neighborhood, I always find vistas I've never seen before.

@michiel Never could have found this place with a car. BTW, the beginning of May was exceptional beautiful also due to the lack of those ugly contrails.

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