Twelve ways to justify climate delay.

In this diagram, I'm firmly on the left-side of the spectrum, ranging from Perfectionism to "Change is Impossible". Can you identify yourself? Canonical source seems to be

I also think it's no coincidence that the figure labeled "All talk, no action" is a dead ringer for Ursula von der Leyen ...

I agree with 1 out of each category:
* Change is impossible
* Free rider excuse
* Technological optimism
* Appeal to well-being
But I would be prepared to yolo massive resources into renewable b/c once that becomes cheaper than fossil, we're out of this evil prisoner's dilemma where whichever country burns the most fossil gets the economic/military advantage.

@cjd few of them are completely insensible. And when it comes to electric power, renewables are already at parity with fossil. But further order-of-magnitude breakthroughs are increasingly unlikely. And if they are, the difficulty is scaling them up in time. We need exponential growth of solar and wind, at least for the coming decades.

Yup and also stop giving free money to fossil is a meme I can get behind

@sl007 these people's ancestral home is doomed, as is the land of hundreds of millions living in areas that will have wet bulb temperatures of 35 degrees in a few years. Without veering into doomism, if we try VERY hard, we may get out of this with only hundreds of millions displaced or dead, instead of billions.

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