“…That means there are [mechanics in vans] driving around in the Netherlands, working for Dutch telecommunications companies, And if they want to know what they have to do, they have to set up a call to [customer care in] Vietnam, and someone in Vietnam will tell them what they have to do ... ”

@michiel In CH almost all call centers are virtual right now. I would suggest Vietnam, too. People are friendly, eager to help, young, etc. But most of the call center people here work in eastern Europe countries up to Turkey. Of course some of them are call agents working from home or an internet cafe using a virtual swiss local phone number where you can't call back. Local phone numbers are sold to any company in blocks of 1000s.

@grauzone I'd argue there's a small time zone problem introduced by letting people from Vietnam coordinate with mechanics from the Netherlands - but that (nor the linked article) isn't a slight against people in Vietnam.

The article discusses how much you can outsource before you stop being able to innovate, change and adapt in your business sector. And a lot of big European companies are essentially shells of their former selves.

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