Book Review: Good Data by Sam Gilbert

This is a Bad Book. It is probably the most profoundly disturbing book I've read about the misuse of personal data. Not because it exposes the horrors of algorithmic harassment and discrimination, but because it joyfully revels in them.

The book's central thesis is that slurping up personal data, without explicit permissi

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That's just awful. I have no words for my opinion of the author or the publisher like this. All I can say is that it sounds like we have a clear illustration for the kinda person who thinks that this is a good thing. It helps to know your enemy.


@onepict @Edent I don't know if I've mentioned it already, but Helen Nissenbaums "Privacy in Context" is one of the few books that tries to honestly deal with the idea of data collection as a social good. Prose as dry as a packet of silica gel, but thorough.

I will need to add it to the to read list. Thanks. 😊

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