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it's a start, but i'm gonna make prints again


(photo of a hand next to a black and white print of a dark photograph that vaguely shows a pine tree root heavily covered in fallen needles)

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'Weston in The Wild'
Photos 1 & 2

This my first shoot with Fomapan 400 Action or any Foma Film in fact.

Note: I am going to need to be extra careful with the drying of Fomapan 400 Action film, as it seem to be very susceptible to damage from any kind of contact removing surface water.

Camera/Lens: Nikon 90X/Nikkor AF 35-70mm
35mm Film: Fomapan 400 Action @ EI:400-ISO
Developer: Rodinal @ 1+50 for 11mins 30secs
Scanner: Canoscan 9950F
PP: Rawtherapee/GIMP 2.10

@PhoneBoy which is why the media loves this kind of incident, it draws out people who feel it can't possibly be racist, and if it is, it wasn't INTENDED to be racist. Which brings out the other side.

@PhoneBoy interesting. So far the Dutch MSM haven't picked this up, although they typically love both this kind of polarising incident, and Corona virus hysteria.

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When USB-C ports were first invented, they were enormous. Thankfully technological advances have reduced them in size since.

@Snoro interesting. Anecdotally, people are very fussy about plastic food packaging, and pride themselves on avoiding it. Judging by that chart, for many food groups its environmental cost is negligible.

@juliobiason I agree, but that raises an interesting question, though, where do we draw the line? At the standard library, the OS?

pacifist fiction 

@ChristopherMarkPerez I know Nikon's 105mm for rangefinders used a recalculated version of Zeiss' Sonnar formula, and it's possible that same assembly was used for their SLR lenses, right?

@ekaitz_zarraga @naga this seems like a very US-centric thing to me. In the rare cases when you're explicitly discussing someone's ethnicity or nationality, in which you can be specific (e.g. Peruvian or Brazilian), in most other cases there's no point.

@tedu hm, interesting news. I'm still waiting for second-hand X100Ses to become halfway affordable, The V might help with that. The EU is pushing for USB-C on all phones, maybe it'll extend to cameras as well.

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Ever since that article that highlighted how business people think about debt, I avoided the term “technical debt” like the plague and communicated exclusively in terms of risk.

@holly FOSDEM actually is volunteer-run, and always has been, AFAIK ;)

@jwildeboer I see it in the circles of many of the right-wing populist groups that, in many European countries, are a few seats away from getting a plurality.

Brexit might've been about Britain, but the sentiments behind it are a very European phenomenon.

@jwildeboer the main criticism about the EU is its supposed totalitarian tendencies. A country that leaves and does just fine would be a powerful proof to the contrary. Worrying about discrediting the politics of a former member nation puts them on an equal footing to the entire EU, which is simply not true.

@jwildeboer I hope you don't see this as trolling, but is proving Brexiteers wrong the best motivation to do this? I mean, we should obviously keep in mind that we're affecting people's lives here, and hope for some degree of reciprocity for EU citizens residing in the UK, but as far as I'm concerned, the UK is Just Another Country now, not inherently more worthy than Serbia or Tunesia.

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Holzgebäude als CO2-Senke

Statt auf #Zement und #Stahl sollten wir auf einen altbewährten Naturstoff setzen, sagen Forscher: Nachhaltig produziertes #Holz könnte den #Städtebau von einer Treibhausgas-Quelle in eine #CO2-Senke verwandeln, geht aus ihrer Analyse hervor. Das natürliche #Baumaterial wirkt sich dabei doppelt günstig aus...



@bikejourno @jeroenpraat mijn stokpaardje is dat de 'gematigde' politiek op een veel gevaarlijker manier omgaat met de klimaatkrisis, door het af te schilderen als een beheersbaar probleem dat we met slimme techniek de kop in kunnen drukken, zonder dat de economische groei eronder hoeft te lijden ... Hoe onplezierig iemand als Niemöller ook is, het blijft een margefiguur zonder macht.

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