@JordiGH that would basically be a reverse ORM, and possibly very useful, but I don't know if it exists as a generic solution. There definitely are thin translation layers that turn an existing SQL database into a GraphQL server.

@JordiGH to make matters more complicated, GraphQL queries are ALSO encoded in Json.

Compare most REST apis to an object store. They'll give you one object at a time, in its entirety. GraphQL will give you any requested combination of properties from joined sets of different objects.

But both are JSON - over - HTTP

@JordiGH of course, if you're implementing client and server in concert, you can create an optimized REST api that does this. But in practice, server and client are written by different teams, at different times even.

@JordiGH Imagine a music player app using REST. You see it hitting the 'playlist' info, and then in rapid succession the 'album info' endpoint.

With GraphQL, the client can say, 'give me the playlist, and then thumbnails for the cover art of all the albums in that playlist'.

The server doesn't have to send band bios, track listings, and large versions of the cover art, because the client never requests them. The client gets to save bandwidth (and latency!) the server can optimize its caches.

@JordiGH Facebook's APIs using it gave some boost to the necessity for client implementations, but yes.

From a client's perspective, it's better than plain json/REST because you get to request exactly the data that you want, nothing more.

From a server's perspective, you get to see what attributes and intersections people actually request and optimize your infrastructure.

Of course, it's basically SQL in a new form...

@22 I got the same impression from the flat earthers. Less openly harmful, but the same weird mix of politics, entertainment and racket.

@22 I think it's even wrong to use the word 'evildoers'. Infections in our body are just organisms trying to survive and thrive in the only way they know how to.

@PhoneBoy Context: most European air travel is actually tax exempt in many ways. Plane tickets are one of the few items that are completely exempt from VAT (which is 15-20% in most EU countries). Kerosine is typically not taxed, whereas gasoline and electricity are. In my country (don't know about others), the airports don't pay property tax, etc.

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Some affluent air traveler, please climate-compensate by paying for our bus/train tickets that were more expensive than flight tickets.

mh (-) 

@kirch I think the tech industry has a weird way of making us feel complicit about the shit we're in right now. Every tracking ad, every exploitative app, every over eager machine learning model was written by a programmer somewhere, but is this what we want?

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A friend of mine is urgently looking for (preferably steady) Android dev work in the Netherlands, please let me know if you know something!

@InvaderXan @natecull I've found that any video that starts with 'hey everyone' or 'hi guys' is very likely to be just a talking head instead of actual video.

@22 @wim_v12e probabilities aren't the same thing as betting odds. Sure, there are many people trying to pass off their subjective assessments as calculated risks, but that doesn't mean probabilities can't be objective. It's interesting to hear that some influential, financially successful people actually think that way.

@wim_v12e @22 I think it's true if you're the kind of person who hears 'one percent risk' and thinks 'betting odds'.

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re: drama 

@Vyllibh Love the first one, as well as the colour theme you have going on!

@Schepp Google even exploits SEO to remake the web to its liking, in the past by rewarding browser accessibility and page speed, nowadays by rewarding pages that use AMP.

@itdm5j21 It's a very nice image, and it has a vintae feel to it, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to call the style 'hand-toned TRI-X', when the technique is so far removed from the actual process.

Toning struggles to produce colours that aren't browns and blues. Theoretically reds and greens are possible, but they're quite exotic.

See lostlabours.co.uk/photography/ for actual examples.

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