@stevelord apologies for butting in uninvited, but as I understand it, the fact that you publish these tweets yourself removes some of the more stringent protections of the GDPR. The notion that your personal data can't be collected without an opt-in isn't true anyway, but tweets (or toots) aren't even protected if they're about Union membership, race or sexual orientation.

@algernon @rocx but what's wrong with parsing it into s structured format using a regular expression?

@algernon @rocx I fail to see what's wrong with regular expressions in the (common) case where the logging format is a regular language

Success! There's a very distinct colour difference in the final print, almost an olive green. Below a (badly) finished print with a test strip developed in neutral developer for comparison. Both papers are mg

Just mixed up sone Agfa 120 developer. Eager to see if it's as warm as the internet claims it to be.

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@masklayer for some reason my 28mm OM lens gets the nicest bokeh at f/4 , when it stops jumping out at you.

@xvilo my trick is to try to get in one session before the talk I'm most interested in. Many of the 'extra' talks I've watched because of this strategy turned out to be more interesting than the ones I came for.

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If you are at #FOSDEM today, pass by the @fsfe@twitter.com booth in building K, talk with us about Public Money Public Code in the light of the upcoming European Elections and equip yourself with our new expert brochure (and/or tshirt) about #publiccode: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201901

@matt yep. Some people even add grain digitally in post, or amp up sharpening to bring it out much more than it does on a real print. Because film doesn't look like film enough.

@matt I had the same reaction when my first prints of Fomapan 100 negatives were virtually grainless. I think that if digital is to blame for anything, it's the introduction of the concept of a '100% crop'.

On the way to . All people look the same when they're sleeping on a long distance bus at six in the morning.

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@Aerdan @a_breakin_glass @z428


It's exactly our elitism that cause all of this shit.

Imagine if all people were able to read, understand and modify the code of the software they use.

No startup could gain VC money with insecure garbage and zero oversight.

No judge would trust a neural network to categorize people.

Everybody would fully understand who try to manipulate them through software or "because software works so".


@varx @jeroenpraat I haven't actually read the sentence, but quoting from the articles: “ ... is it violent to set fire to a company that makes money from apartheid? I don't think so. And the same goes for all the exploitative capitalists cherished for their contribution to our economy. A company building ablaze is not violence, it's the beginning of justice. Call me a terrorist ... ” - in the context of actions against a company that was trading with South Africa during apartheid.

@varx @jeroenpraat quoting article 131 of the Dutch Penal Code, it means to publicly, by verbal or visual means call for violence against public authorities. Punishable by up to five years in prison, or a fine in the fourth category.

@sir assuming there will be a place to sit in the dev rooms I assume? :)

@inthedarkwelive For a fun excursion, read about using colour filters for black and white film, and specifically their use in portraits.

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