@matt I think the second one is very, very pretty!

@worr United States anti money laundering/tax evasion legislation.

@alcinnz I remember reading that enforcing closing tags was a deliberate choice to allow for piecemeal parsing on the memory-limited mobile devices of the time.

@emsenn oh wow. I used to play heavily some time between 2002 and 2003. It was a place with history even then; I can't believe it's still around.

@worr Used to work for a European bank. Whatever FATCAs intentions, it created an enormous amount of work for the tiny fraction of customers who were US citizens. If you don't have US citizen customers, you're automatically compliant with FATCA.

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I'm trying to track down a 19th century French polymath -- engineer, economist, possibly public administrator. Did work on infrastructure, particularly sewers and/or water supply, bridges, and railroads.

I _think_ he also made an observation of the economic logic of multi-class passenger railroad service and amenities of accommodations (intentionally poor lowest-class service).

Likely active ~1840 - 1860.

My Web-fu is gives nil.

#dearMastomind #economists #france #nineteenthCentury

@JordiGH I always thought taxi derived from the house of Thurn und Taxis and their courier service?

@tindall a thousand times this. I remember the brief time when ESR managed to pass himself off as conservative but sane. It's impossible to imagine now, but this man was actually respected and invited as a speaker in free/oss circles.

@emsenn @tcql this is interesting. I was under the impression corporations could do what they wanted as long as they had shareholder approval.

@alcinnz @emsenn we're social apes. A lot of the things we do are meant to convey our social status. Getting 'better' food than others (by one metric or another) is one of them.

I think we're all pretty rich by the way, compared to our species in the past and (maybe) the future.

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Minox ML
Rollei RPX400 @200
Rodinal 1:25, 20 deg's, 12 min's
Scan: 2400dpi
PP: simple 'S' curve, scale and border.

Development was at dilution/time for box-speed according to MassiveDevChart...

I think these have a more classic look that this emulsion is known for. Grain is good. This also works for me. Lighting again was bright and contrasty today.

Roll #2 - I will Pull development by one stop, using the maxim of over-exposed/under develop...

More here: snap.as/lhl/minox-ml

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With this and AMP, Google is gradually erasing the line between googling something and actually visiting a website...

@JordiGH I think it's because corporate office culture has adopted the form of polite conversation. 'Please look into this' in corporate context is actually a demand, coated in a bit of politeness.

Similarly, a coworker complained that everything they do is now 'great', 'splendid' or 'wonderful'. He's taken to replying 'thanks, it's my job.'

@JordiGH I've had a similar experience (unrelated to tech) recently, and I was partially surprised by my own sensitivity to these (fairly small) differences in tone. I think of myself as a forgiving and accommodating person, but am I?

@aparrish This prompted me to examine my rss feeds, and conclude that women-and-dreams.blogspot.com/ was the last active one that could be classified as 'art'. :(

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