@PhoneBoy monocropping feed corn is hardly likely to be better, though. I think that if you're environmentally conscious, the best thing to do is eat plants only when they're sold as plants. And keep in mind that a lot of meat products contain soy/bean etc. additives because they're cheaper. The vegan 'meat' just leaves out the actual meat.

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I took about 30 photos of this sunset from this vantage point at slightly different angles and zooms and framing and stuff. This is one of my favourites, as I'm going through processing or discarding them.

#Photography Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

@webmind parisian police is extremely militarized. When I saw them last they were wearing full body armour that wouldn't look out of place at a medieval joust.

@Hamishcampbell Have you read William Forster Lloyd's original essay, though? It's very short, and its solutions are a lot more uplifting than Hardin's.

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"Illegal division by zero at /tmp/quine.pl line 1." is a quine

@Photorat Local shops here charge about €3 for C41 development, I think 1-hour service is €5 or something. B&W and Scanning are more expensive, but I can do that myself.

@matt as scanned, the warmtone print has brighter highlights and more definition in the shadows. I like it best.

@shukowski huh, that doesn't sound like it would work at all, but evidently it did.

@filmhotdog be aware that due to environmental improvements and cost reductions at Tetenal, Rodinal no longer has its legendary lifespan. Be careful with Rodinal that has gone dark brown.

@x_cli @jpmens I'm way past caring about 'bad crypto'. For years the infosec racket has been bullying people for using bad/outdated algorithms vulnerable to some theoretical attack mounted by an NSA-scale organisation, when, guess what, an interoperable system that works now beats a system that nobody uses but doesn't have any discovered flaws (yet).

@jpmens @x_cli GPG is a tool. It's the makers of email clients who have never bothered to build a decent interface on top of it. And that's because software makers - not people - have given up and been happy to cede email to Google.

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@migurski That actually seems like a useful way to save space.

@ChristopherMarkPerez interesting. I have to admit that whenever I see the pictures you share, I think it's film until I look at the hashtags.

@stevelord apologies for butting in uninvited, but as I understand it, the fact that you publish these tweets yourself removes some of the more stringent protections of the GDPR. The notion that your personal data can't be collected without an opt-in isn't true anyway, but tweets (or toots) aren't even protected if they're about Union membership, race or sexual orientation.

@algernon @rocx but what's wrong with parsing it into s structured format using a regular expression?

@algernon @rocx I fail to see what's wrong with regular expressions in the (common) case where the logging format is a regular language

Success! There's a very distinct colour difference in the final print, almost an olive green. Below a (badly) finished print with a test strip developed in neutral developer for comparison. Both papers are mg

Just mixed up sone Agfa 120 developer. Eager to see if it's as warm as the internet claims it to be.

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