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Did some more prints on Fomaspeed 313 this weekend. The burnt-out “Polenhotel” in Eindhoven, photographed in 2016.

@mathuin @jpmens Dhall is wonderful, but serialisation/configuration languages only get popular of they can be used in many different languages. Personally, I've settled on toml as a good tradeoff between flexibility and undefined behaviour.

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@jamey This will be incredibly useful for me, thank you.

“ ... To write code is to create bugs. Then comes the teeth-grinding frustration of removing them, one by one by one. But, to stay in the profession, you have to feel a sense of excitement, to be intrigued by what you don’t know, to feel the pleasure of the hunt … ”

From this interview with Ellen Ullman:

Very true. I want to read this book now :)

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this picture feels like a perfect embodiment of how our society is dealing with global warming

@masklayer just a thought - assuming you have ten layers, six of them have a greenish pixel (correct color), and four of them have a random noise colour in the same spot.

In that case, you couldn't want to average the layers, you'd want to choose the colour of the majority, and ignore the outliers.

There's a difficulty to finding the outliers, but that might lead to greater noise reduction than averaging.

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@Ninjatrappeur what's more offensive to me: it reinforces the idea that a global change in energy consumption can be reduced to a matter of personal responsibility.

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A message from our Tech Team:

Many of #InfoSec folk here on #Fediverse have boosted and favourited our toot about Security Analyst position we have open -- thank you!

And yet we have not received a lot of applications so far.

Don't be shy. Don't let the Impostor Syndrome get to you. You don't need a diploma or dozens of certificates to apply. You won't be wasting our time.

We're hackers like you. We need you.


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