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the shapes are cool and all but—that handwriting!!


A strange immersion of the torus in three-space.


I need something to combat the despair. Maybe some pie-in-the-sky feelgood economics will help.

For what it's worth, a few years ago I discovered the discount bus lines. Their networks and operations are very efficient (like the airlines, they try to pack all their seats), and for some destinations they're more affordable than even a government-subsidized plane ticket.

Additional bonus: they travel to many destinations that are hard to reach by plane or train.

I'm not sure how they are doing in times of Corona. I doubt governments are queuing up to 'save' them like they save airlines.

40% of the people traveling abroad describe themselves as 'environmentally conscious', but almost none of them have modified their travel plans or methods because of this. (3/3)

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We should stop blaming boomers for everything: they're much less likely to go abroad period. And much less likely to fly.

Well-educated yuppies are the most likely to fly, they fly most frequently, and even though the top flyers only comprise 8% of the population, they make about 40% of the passenger miles. (2/3)

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An interesting report about holiday travel in the Netherlands: (in Dutch).

The Netherlands is a relatively wealthy country, and is fairly well connected to the European railway network. 86% of all holiday trips have the European subcontinent as destination.

Nevertheless, 43% of all holiday trips are taken by plane. 74% of all passenger miles. (1/n)


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