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@erinbee i work in Software, i use Software, i curse software.

at least you still have a light switch, however inadequate.

i cannot fathom why somebody would completely replace a (electro) mechanical solution that's existed and worked for decades, centuries or millennia with a completely software driven one, with no fallback

if your husband ever does that, you should leave him.

alone. in the house.
after you change all passwords.

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Bestaan er eigenlijk goede Nederlandstalige #podcasts over de #landbouw(transitie), #permacultuur, en dat soort dingen?

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We shpuld participate in the act of creation. It is a vital part of human existence.

We have nothing to fear but failure and ridiculue.

Failure isn't worth being afraid of. It is worth celebrating.

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Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

Playing devil's advocate: Inequality might be good for the climate. bbc.com/future/article/2021102 Bill Gates emits as much as 105 average Americans. But he's much wealthier than 105 average Americans.

Obviously, carbon footprint doesn't grow proportionally with wealth. Emissions per $BNP seem highest amongst the western middle classes.

Therefore, a few billionaires, with the rest of the world in destitute poverty, might be best for the climate. Change my mind :p


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