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Pinned toot just upgraded to Mastodon v2.4.3! ๐ŸŽ‰


Wanna help? โ™ฅ
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Contribute to Mastodon :mastodon:


i restricted the render to 10000Kb/s, this made resolve succeed :think_bread:

resolve keeps crashing on render argh oh nooo!

rendering, hope resolve won't die as i forgot to save recent changes :D

there is a cloud on my timeline xD

base edit for today's vlog done \o/

i just experienced how much better it works to talk in english when it's not 10pm or later :awesome:

remember me on my bicycle or the clouds in an episode of my vlog? this is a frame of an unedited recording with this actioncam xD :doge: quality - look at the leaves, this weird oversharpening effect xD

i currently wonder if i could express myself like i would in german some day by doing these videos in this even possible this way?

the hoster also confirmed that the migration is over

looks like the vm is back since 22min

1. i contacted the hoster since the vm with our media is down for 2h now and they wrote it would stay available - waiting for feedback since a while
2. i ordered the ...order (documents i assume) of a creditcard that can be used to pay for the storage provider i consider to use instead of further trying around with a minio instance on a different machine

live migration they wrote... no downtime they wrote..
...and why did i try to upload this? xD

ftr as the hoster is currently moving the vm it comes to slowdowns, media may not load in time... :tchncs:

yay got my first downvote .. on dtube xD

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Hello Mastodon, nice to meet you! :mastodon: