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:tchncs: :matrix: Our Matrix server has been updated to Synapse v1.6.0 🚀

ℹ️ Release announcement:

ℹ️ More about this server:

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:mastodon: :tchncs: has been updated to Mastodon v3.0.1 🚀


Web users, maybe consider refreshing the website. :)
Enjoy! 🎉

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Since we had many reports like this recently, i'd like to clarify something:

This instance allows sensitive, pornographic content as long it is not violent/illegal in certain countries esp. germany.

The "mark as sensitive"-feature is there for this type of content, if it's used for it, it's fine - if this kind of content is tooted without this warning however, please report it, so we can remove it. 😉

oh cool, an paid app of mine just updated and asks for more money to unlock push again.

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gestern montag, heute freitag - sowas

why are sunglasses by well-known brands often around $200? i really don't get it... unless they aren't meant as tools

ungesüßte hafermilch hat soeben einen teil meiner kopfschmerzen erfolgreich besiegt

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Hello friend, you should drink some water :)

oh wow rewind is getting trolled/hated again? i personally enjoyed that video.. and was annoyed by the comments... and surprised by the like/dislike ratio

"why can't i open this git project in vscode? arrgh!!"

... a little while later:

"oh right, i was intending to open the texture directly and am actually in affinity photo right now, no wonder i can't open a directory"

...maybe i should just go to bed 😂 😅

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I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread⤵️

my garmin: "Move!"
also my garmin: *is currently on my desk. charging.*


oh well, it's basically the entire virtualbox thing that's frozen

ah great, the elementaryos vm froze on me - i felt so much better, having it on my secondary screen on windows and now this -.-

shred: /dev/sda: pass 3/3 (random)...93GiB/1.9TiB 4%

lol grad festgestellt, meine 80d kostet fast genauso viel auf dem graumarkt wie ich auch dem gebrauchtmarkt bezahlt hatte^^ (naja gut, das ist aber auch schon ein paar monate her und die war ja nurn halbes jahr alt oderso)

my dad sais that a video where he builds an vintage/prewar motorcycle from parts wouldn't be watched - i think it would get like a ton of views. what do you think?

ah cool, instagram hat mich in die werbe-zielgruppe "student" gesteckt, ich fühle mich gleich etwas weniger dumm.

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