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:tchncs: just upgraded to Mastodon v2.5.2 (Security Release)


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Das Paket muss weg!
Sehet her, wie Milan versucht aufm Kaff ein Paket verschicken undso! 😂
Das ist Tag31 meiner Daily Habit Challenge, hat mir viel Spass gemacht, bin gespannt wie es euch gefällt!

gerade über die sonnenblumenkernsucht hinweggekommen, bringt man mir eine neue tüte mit - gemeinheit ist das! xD *knusper* *mampf*

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no kidding, the more i use the windows file explorer, the more i appreciate nautilus (gnome files) xD

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🏚️ This years Halloween Event is featuring a scary haunted house!
If you are brave enough, give it a visit - can you solve the parkour?
The haunted house is right next to the travelcenter, come and try your best!
Read more about our event here:
:minetest: not :minecraft:

der zweite neben unserem grundstück heute - warum spritzen die eig bei nebel?

random read:
[...] "if stallman is your spirit animal" [...]

the second part is kinda ironic because i switched to windows recently to get an actually stable system in terms of graphics lel

random thought:
what if i would replace my arch with some debian/ubuntu based distro with possibly a different nvidia driver version, would it run better?
but if yes, how long until i mkfs this installation because i miss my arch? :think_bread:

glad that i am not running right now as farmers are busy roundhouse-poisoning their farmlands :(

lol looks like you can't trust in pushing a commit of a submodule ... it now references the commit in the parent repo too but gitlab says 404 lol

the worst thing on windows for me right now is that it cannot use the media keys of my apple keyboard - also not with this bootcamp driver thing

i (again) want to structure my days in a kinda efficient way ... gotta motivate me for this and gotta take the time for this - everything became so random again mmh 🤔

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haha kann garnicht an dem gewinnspielspiel teilnehmen mit dem buggy lineageos, das laggt nur dumm rum xD

oh well, minetest doesn't work with the windows symlinks either :/

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