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✨ Milan 🐘 @milan

@takeshitakenji i guess i know the reason - not 100% sure but 95% sure - and i don't see anything against it.

@archaeme was talking about my laptop. :)

omg! over one hour more battery time due disabling bluetooth.

here we go /me stops spam now.

Correcting... sound is awful again...

1k unblocks and bluetooth service restarts later - including 4x restarting blueberry - sound is back.

Okey - killing pulseaudio helped a bit ... now still need to fix bluetooth once again...

ah...it's still a bluetooth based problem...

Even audacious fails to start playing - just nothing happens ... something faulty here.

Lol and now clementine just won't start playing.

rfkill unblock bluetooth ... bad bluetooth sound.... stuck ... rfkill ... whaa i hate that.

@TMWReviews Hmm, well, i just ordered an intuos pro s. I hope this isn't too small for me but it (the series) felt like the best choice - everything bigger wouldn't fit in my budget. Sadly. Thanks 'til here.

global bluetooth sound finally working with i3wm ... used gnome-control-center...feels so wrong :rage:

@TMWReviews i mean it is clear that a higher number means a newer series but i have no clue about the difference/benefits

@TMWReviews so ..460.. ..620.. can be different quality? I am not talking about S or M. :no_mouth:

The mentioned numbers don't have to be real - i am always looking on ebay and you don't wanna know my load times with 50kB/s on this joke of a modern website. But i think both of them where the Intuos Art M or something... - at least the name was the same, including size.

Scheiss Zeitumstellung - dauert wieder ewig bis ich mich umgewΓΆhnt habe.