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:mastodon: dear mastodon users of , our queue workers ran into problems a few hours ago. right now it is working again and i made some changes. however:
1. it might take a moment for it to keep up with the queue
2. the cause of that issue was not 100% clear, so it might happen again, but i am watching closely and have increased loglevels to better see what's going on.

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random idee, verschiedene gruppen von fediverse-admins finden sich zusammen und betreiben jeweils lokale unabhängige kleine rechenzentren für mehr unabhängigkeit. ich hätte bock auf sowas.

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Since we had many reports like this recently, i'd like to clarify something:

This instance allows sensitive, pornographic content as long it is not violent/illegal in certain countries esp. germany.

The "mark as sensitive"-feature is there for this type of content, if it's used for it, it's fine - if this kind of content is tooted without this warning however, please report it, so we can remove it. 😉

nebelig, grau, tröpfelig, trotzdem schwül

komisches gefühl… tshirt tragen… kennt meine haut schon garnicht mehr

oh my god... so much spam – oh wait, this install of thunderbird still had that folder selected :D

looks like this half broken setting is still the only way after all this time...

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also why do things think i am on a light theme on vivaldi

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i had to write the whole comment again because the previous one got deleted... this one got too... i am trying to point Peter McKinnon (and other viewers) to ... i wonder what matches the spamfilter

edit: removing the first bit about the deletion didn't help either :(

boa ich brauch mal video ideen, hab schon irgendwie bock...

at times i think i should get me a higher resolution screen one day, which in turn should make me happier with all that wasted space in gnome/gtk – but... it's fine when i boot macOS on the same screen(s)

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- "Bitte bestätigen Sie diese E-Mail."

- "Liebe E-Mail, Du bist total in Ordnung, so wie Du bist! Es gibt nichts, wofür Du dich schämen müsstest."

god damnit why wont this work!?!

this: <div lass="tab-pane fade" ...

i like how i can select text in , paste a link and it just markdown links that thing

thunderbird – may i remind you that you are supposed to be on the left screen!? grrr

Playing in generators like and not having to deal with that wordpress mess for a change feels great
(spent some time on improving my personal website)

der ventilator hilft bei dieser zimmertemperatur auch nur begrenzt... hmm :/

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Matrix 2.0?

The progress the Matrix team and the community deliver is amazing. I'm more and more convinced that Matrix will become THE communication platform.

#matrix #voip #metaverse #p2p #chat

zwei ältere frauen eilen durchs dorf und verteilen wieder ihren jehova spam – als ob das spamaufkommen bei email postfächern nicht reichen würde. -.-

oh wait, guess ive unplugged that audiocable with ethernet on last thunderstorm xD

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