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One of our hosters is scheduling a maintenance for December 6, 10:15am CET for max 45min.
Affected services at machine [T1 Contabo] include mail, cloud, pad, xmpp, matrix proxy and well-known (delegation), and a few more.
See also: :tchncs:

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you may now test the freshly born and much requested instance of :tchncs:!

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In eigener Sache:
Seit 2020 betreue ich einen Kommunikations-Server mit ua. Matrix, Jitsi, Nextcloud für und in @nacho's Schule.
Er hat für das Projekt sogar extra den Matrix-Clienten Fluffychat modifiziert, um das ganze für Schüler*innern und Lehrer*innen besonders schön, sowie zugänglich und datenschutzkonform zu machen.

Wollte nur mal ins Fediverse hängen, dass man Milan auch für individuellen Hostingkram beauftragen kann. 😃

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random idee, verschiedene gruppen von fediverse-admins finden sich zusammen und betreiben jeweils lokale unabhängige kleine rechenzentren für mehr unabhängigkeit. ich hätte bock auf sowas.

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Since we had many reports like this recently, i'd like to clarify something:

This instance allows sensitive, pornographic content as long it is not violent/illegal in certain countries esp. germany.

The "mark as sensitive"-feature is there for this type of content, if it's used for it, it's fine - if this kind of content is tooted without this warning however, please report it, so we can remove it. 😉

eine bestellung, drei emails... alle am übertreiben

mmh archlinux just failed to resume properly. black screen stuck in ^@. switching back and forth tty, i was able to get back into gdm but not back in gnome. after a few attempts, the system froze. so maybe it's not an issue specific to my hackintosh after all... dont remember how it was with windows right now

ich so: nice monat läuft ja mal überdurchschnittlich gut
autoversicherung so: na hi, jetzt machen wir mal januar hier

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Do you like ? Do you like ? I wrote a tool ("") with which you can combine the two: rendering markdown read from etherpad-urls:

It also allows for read-only publication of your texts.

Code hosted on @codeberg

Demo instance (with demo-pad):

(made with and , hosted on @ubernauten)

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:minecraft_pick: Behold: Project Mandala by @dot_dee (which is still wip). Recently Jakab joined the project and started with a new building as to see furtherly down in the image.

Give them a visit:
Travelcenter, 1st floor
Port: 30002 :minetest: not

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Synapse 1.50 is out! Including improved reliability for device list updates, start of the implementation work on end-to-end encrypted application services, and much more!

Read more about this new release on the Matrix blog

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alter der mond spinnt, der strahlt als würde der gleich durchbrennen

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grau, starkwindig, regnerisch, kühl, schlammig

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Es gibt sehr viele Geimpfte auf den Covid-19-Intensivstationen.

Die meisten davon sind hervorragend ausgebildete, engagierte und wunderbare Menschen, die ihre Patienten am Leben erhalten.

Ein ganz großes Danke Euch!!!

led strip off means randomly placed stars for many many hours ✨

i dont understand why some people recommend the mailserver on random places in the internet... it is not a public service as of now

background: loopin through a list of rooms without local matrix users to delete since about 6h - i expect it to take at least another 8h at this point 😅

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irgendwie störe ich mich ein bisschen daran, dass so läden wie koro, aber auch "hausmarken" von discountern etc. verbergen wer den kram am ende produziert.
insbesondere bei sowas wie koro fühlt sich das ein bisschen wie ein anonymisierungsdienst für lebensmittelproduzenten an.

übersehe ich da was?

for now i've decided to change the script to pipe into restic which i should have done much earlier

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hmm i think its time to start playing with barman for postgres... would already do some tests (hoping to make that matrix machine happier during backups) ... but i am sooo sleepy right now ._.

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