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ok, here is a little experiment:
i came to the conclusion that i gotta be more careful with the amount of hours of driving license training i do per month (my teacher recommends to speed this thing up from now on, which i'd of course like) ... but my budget doesn't really allow me to do it more than once a week so, in case somebody wants to boost this process, i've opened a money pool 😇:
(bank transfer with a short notice works too of course)

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Since we had many reports like this recently, i'd like to clarify something:

This instance allows sensitive, pornographic content as long it is not violent/illegal in certain countries esp. germany.

The "mark as sensitive"-feature is there for this type of content, if it's used for it, it's fine - if this kind of content is tooted without this warning however, please report it, so we can remove it. 😉

oh... moment mal... ich glaub ich kann mit der reinigung aufhören

stabilizing using the camera belt actually kinda works, cool, gotta get some more practice in

that moment, when you feel like pinch-to-zoom on a small image in a book 🤷‍♂️

i really need to listen more music with my anc headphones, it is so amazing to have a break from all the noise around me with only my playlist left ❤️

the fact that i didn't create videos for weeks now basically means that i hurt myself (i couldn't decide which english word makes sense here), as it (again and again) turns out, that this is one of the few things i really start missing over time

hm. thunderbird for calendars is actually usable... wouldn't mind it being less ugly tho ... also i don't understand why reminders are popup windows

omg wtf stürmt sich auf einmal voll einen ab hier

vertipper des tages, sms-edition:
"jo alte [...]" statt "jo malte, [...]" als begrüßung xD

even better on computers: we set it up in solus for one guy and gnome-calendar didn't show any events after the next boots anymore, and i have no clue how to set it up on windows as the described icloud workaround is not functional. the account simply vanishes.... another one got lm16 xfce, even more fun

u can tell me what u want, but since there is no native dav-support in , using a calendar for a team full of regular users, is terribly inconvenient. and no one is really willing to pay "so much" money for davx5 just to participate in the calendar so they had to do extra steps and i had to teach like nine people now... not sure if everybody is 100% set by now, but the ones i met in person should be fine.
... pew

angebot bei ebay 139€ ... preisvorschlagsoption ... 110€ ... automatisch abgelehnt :angry_trump:

hat irgendjemand den elster athenticator unter was anderem als ubuntu/debian zum laufen bekommen? hab hier einen mit solus, der jetzt wohl ne vm odersowas braucht dafür :(

stick wird angezeigt, kann aber nicht gelesen werden

installing ppl less popular distros can be very bad, as there is sometimes special software that with luck may work on ubuntu... i've just experienced this with a guy having solus and i was only able to make the application not throwing errors at startup, by symlinking a directory... but it never actually worked.

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