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Web users, maybe consider refreshing the website. :)
Enjoy! 🎉

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Since we had many reports like this recently, i'd like to clarify something:

This instance allows sensitive, pornographic content as long it is not violent/illegal in certain countries esp. germany.

The "mark as sensitive"-feature is there for this type of content, if it's used for it, it's fine - if this kind of content is tooted without this warning however, please report it, so we can remove it. 😉

still much to do, but hey, that's a start i think - will list the bridges and some manual thingies and stuff too

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Imported my first video to your instance #excited.

It was shot in 2016, and I don't have this device anymore as it was damaged during battery swap.

hating yaml right now as there is an invisible formatting error hidden somewhere -.-

so, jetzt noch autobahn, dann vorprüfung, und dann hatte der fahrlehrer auch schon meinen prüfungstermin im kalender - 17. da bin ich ja mal gespannt wie und ob das was wird^^

infrastructure costs last month: €99,49
this month: €163,09+ (including €46,41 setup fee for the new matrix machine)

uuh :tchncs: is getting pricy xD

hühnerkot-geruch ist echt schwierig abzuwaschen.

hmm restic is processing files i've removed in the nextcloud trashbin :think_bread:

(i also hate to see that other brands like lenovo are following this trend - new thinkpads afaik have all soldered ram)

tech youtubers praise the new macbook pro - ignoring it's all soldered and data is lost if anything on the board breaks and you didn't have a chance to backup for a while. i hope those repair shops who can do board level repair become more popular (at least i didn't hear much about them yet in my country) 🤷

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About :

Minetest is a free and opensource voxelgame. As it is inspired by infiniminer and such. It's all about mods, the vanilla game may be boring but mods even bring you microslaps, arcs, mobs, 3d torches, technic and all the cool things.

Also cool: clients with official serverlist and 62000^3 block playing area!

Try it. It's free.

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Minetest is an open-source voxel game engine. Play one of our many games, mod a game to your liking, make your own game, or play on a multiplayer server.

Minetest has a very active community of players, modders, and game designers, and a large amount of content available:

This account is managed by @rubenwardy, a core developer.

#minetest #opensource #gamedev

:minetest: does not deserve such a small playerbase - go, play

i keep forgetting that i own an ipad (it was bought for a specific, now done, purpose earlier this year) - i have real trouble integrating it into my workflow, other than controlling my camera every now and then... do people really only buy these things for netflix - and maybe some notes? am i too nerdy for such a device? (after all, there are like ten commandline sessions running right now)

nexcloud even got its own ransomware, yet there are still tech people, only knowing owncloud

:tchncs: :matrix: you can do uploads on our matrix server again 🎉

:tchncs: :peertube: temporarily disabled the peertube dark-theme as it seems not to be compatible with the latest release yet

i am sitting infront of 2x native :windows: and 1x native :archlinux: + 1x WSL :debian: right now

i miss using linux as primary os - i don't miss this weird row-by-row touchpad scrolling even in native gtk apps and the hidpi mess ...and crashing displayservers - still, i miss it overall

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