ah lol google is already stopping support for their first gen pixel - only one year of security updates left, what a joke

@milan ah shit, really?? I was just thinking that I could keep mine for a bit more since it's running perfect. :(

@milan wow, that's disappointing. I'd expect a bit more when I buy a device for 850€.

@kevin +when it's coming from google directly...and you compare it to iphone software support -.-

@milan yeah.. I used to be a hardcore Google fan. Always preferred to buy Google devices especially for their long lives and "pure android". My Nexus 5 is still running well compared to other devices. It's a real shame.

It is, because the phone works perfectly fine, it still feels fast. I had to replace it once because the battery died though. I guess, not so many pixels will physically survive one more year.

@biriguifrito i don't have it yet but i considered one - with custom rom i can't expect the camera working well anymore and this is a priority - on my op2 it's just pure trash with any custom rom i've tried so i was looking for other devices falsely claimed as broken in the hope that i can afford them

Speaking of life spans of mobile devices, recently I ran into a problem with my Galaxy Tab 2. (yes, the tablet that was released in 2012) I don't know how long Samsung supported it, but eventually it was time to install Lineage OS, and that's exactly what I did. However, even Lineage stopped supporting this model this year. So I guess 6 years of using the same table is too much??? I wonder why is that. Currently, I'm looking into installing Replicant on it. The tablet is just fine for watching videos and readign pdf-books. I have no reason to get rid of it yet.

@milan Maybe they expect everyone to just root it after that?

@milan I know this sucks and especially for the iPhone-like prices they should support their devices much longer! At least Pixel 2 & 3 get three years of support.

@milan WTH, the phone isn't so old. Apparently you can upgrade to Android Pie.

@milan Similar experience with the Nexus S convinced me never to buy from them again.

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