@milan Brave :-) given the fact, that will completley yank out the theming stuff

@milan Yep, the people recently tossed that idea around. remove theming "support" since it has always kind of been a bug and not a feature. See: omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/10/on-gtk

And I mean yeah... the technical reasoning behind it is sound. And the Gnome people kind of tend to remove things, instead of properly fixing things

@gilgwath wouldn't be a smart decision as even distros rely on this atm

@milan Well, Ubuntu are the only ones really doing an large amount of theming. /#Centos & just toss stock Gnome over the wall. also ships the standard theme. Duno about though. And thas about 98% of users. The message from the large distros is clear: we just wan't a desktop we can slap onto our "hybrid cloud" base distro and market that as a desktop. So Gnome are totaly and their recent fits of "streamline all the things" are total in that line *shrug*

@milan can't gnome have a "real" menu like osx? on xfce i use the appmenu-plugin on the panel to get the applications menu on top of the screen (example in mac os 9 style: github.com/grassmunk/Platinum9 )

@scops i am not aware of anything like that for gnome3 - and even if there was something like this, i don't think it wouldn't make much sense due this clientside-decoration design thingie... kde for example would be a way to get it... or mate i think... or xfce...

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