why can't this s**t just f*****g work aaaaaaa! 💥

(not the car but viewing the image)

@milan die Kunst ist über allem erhaben. Hoch lebe die Kunst.

Had something very similar turned out to be something to do with .PNG alpha channel settings; so and based purely on apperances you could try ditching the alpha channel if you have one and don't need it or saving as .Jpg. (Comes to the same thing) but keeps the original.
Best of luck

I'll try to follow but I'm newest of new here so please don't get tetchy if I mess it up.

Try the Jpg thing anyway set the compression to lowest biggest file size you won't see much difference and the file size will be a lot smaller than .RAW nothing lost if it dosen't work so long as you save as and keep the original.

got to go now

Best of luck

@naramandius @milan i would say thats from bad value translation, (from the 10 bits or so your camera gaves you to a 8 bit digit.) if you can set a curve manuelly just try it.

@naramandius @milan jup i tryed it myself by setting a absolute insane curve which starts by zero again ofter hitting the top and gut similar results. I think instead of recalculating the values to the new format it just cuts off the most significant digits.

Unless this is a very new camera type or eog is unreplaceable for other reasons, may I suggest Gwenview?

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