hm. finally found some time to write down notes for a video i actually hoped to shoot today - and now i feel like i gonna fall asleep while sitting here and typing. not fair :D

pew was way too tired - let's see how this one turns out or if i have to redo it :D

and next time i will remember to use the deadcat .. at least - omg everything is so messy 😅

base-edit done - looks like it won't take so much of your time, current length: 2:36min - i am happy that the footage isn't actually that bad :3

@milan You type with ten Fingers or do you somehow have a Voice recognition?

@seeh usually about 2-4 fingers i guess 🤔 ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@milan Then, of course, it takes quite a long time and can be very annoying If you have longer texts

@seeh nah it's fine i guess^^
i type how it type and usually not that slow

@milan For Windows there are great Freeware tools that work very well. maybe works in reactOS it's a Open Source Operating System

@milan Would you like a short thin mastration as a live stream? I could start now

@seeh thank you but not today, i really gotta go to bed now :)

@milan i stoped folowing you. you said to often : i will do tommorrow... wish u all the best

@milan yes you dont remember. thats doesent matter. you are a nice person. take care. all the best

@seeh see u when ur back to normal i guess? o.O

@milan if you can still hear the audio I wouldn't worry too much, your production quality is still way better than a ton of German YouTubers (even the ones who have millions of subs and presumably can afford to do better) and even this Sundays episode of had a 10 second audio glitch at the start (whole channel missing!) and that appears to have been transmitted on national TV..

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