i want something handy as airpods (not in-ear!), no cable obviously, and i freakin want replacable batteries! don't tell me this is impossible or i gonna do a start-up!

@milan don't do it, get good overear bluetooth like Bose. airpods and the like are highly unrepairable and they have tiny batteries and even worse bluetooth.

@cringe this is basically what i am complaining about. i have normal wireless in-ears and "good" headphones, but there are situations here on the farm where something 'like' the airpods would be better than in-ear headphones and i wouldn't like to bring the "good" headphones in danger

@cringe (also they would do too much noise cancelling, dah)

@milan I see. Small Bluetooth speaker is not an option instead? Those tend to have better sound, better battery and might be repairable too.

@milan I bought a pair of Mpow in-ear a couple month ago, they're dead already. The Xiami ones are ok and cheap, I've heard.

@marzzzello so it can be replaced when needed because batteries have limited lifespan

@milan I have the Bragi "The Dash" since 3 years and didn't notice a shorter runtime

I bought Bose AE2w in 2014 in the USA ( and am still very happy with them. I recognize a somewhat lower battery runtime after about five years, but they are replacable with a little bit of work. I also found this article from Bose - maybe this device is what you are searching for?

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