Until i get better ideas, new videos on gotta be approved now. Each time i raise the user limit i get like soo annoyed by the stolen content being uploaded (but tbh the gigabytes of content with permission too), not sure how to proceed there. :tchncs:

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@triF5 i can only do size limits ... not sure if i like the potential drawbacks :/

@Milan didnt know you have peertube instance. Nice. Whats your stats? I would love to host it but i'm afraid it would cost an arm and a leg and you get ton of copyrighted material.

@muppeth i feel like 80% of accounts post trash and need to be nuked, everyone else posts quite rarely, never or in my case for two people, fills up my storage with 3rd party content with permission of the creator - not sure if it was a good idea to allow this, it is not what i had in mind for this instance

@Milan Yeah i am afraid of that. Thinking of (if we ever go for peertube) to allow people to make account but to post content restrict it so that person wpuld have to request it and we would evaluate whther its interesti.g enough.
How much data do u use? Is it data from your bare metal or using third party stuff like s3?

@muppeth 75.8GiB of video storage - i am using a hetzner storagebox for now

@Milan that goes fast. Yeah for sure we're not able to host such thing on our server. Not without large restrictions (like vimeo) on type and quality of content. Unless as someone suggested at some point one could offer his storage for his account or use something like ipfs.
Allowing free content upload would fill up in no time.
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