i invite you open :minetest: instead of :minecraft: today, and explore great servers in the built-in serverlist of the client

@milan Liegt nur daran das ich in zurzeit keine Zeit habe zum spielen, wegen der durchreise.

@milan As long as Minetest is not really worth playing unless you have installed mods, no thanks.

@cyndn you don't need mods to play on an already feature-packed server like @illunaminetest

@cyndn collect mods, this is also built into the client and doesn't take effort.

@cyndn @milan Minetest isn't a game, it's a game engine. You're meant to install stuff and customise your experience. If you want a more complete experience out of the box, try Repixture or MineClone2 - two good games based on the Minetest game engine

@rubenwardy the general public appears to associate minetest with only minetest_game (which kinda makes sense as they aren't used to such an approach) - maybe minetest_game should get (even) more fancy mods so users don't run away before they dive in deeper and learn about the subgame and mod-system... and the linux users are often way outdated as ubuntu/debian tend to be, which is also an issue :( @cyndn

@milan @rubenwardy @cyndn The minetest_game should be kept minimal as a base for creating other games. The catalogue inside the client should contain more games to download.
On the other side, what is the problem adding mods by clicking in the ui? So you can add and remove things you prefer. That is a great freedom.

@mase for me there is no issue with it and i maintain my own subgame based on minetest_game so i totally get your point. i just try to imagine what could be made better for "simple" users... maybe some basic mobs and mesecons, a more obvious button to the downloadable mods (for me it says "content" and then i have to click another button but i am not uptodate though) .... and then it should "somehow" be avoided that repos contain .17 or even older i'd say :think_bread:

@milan @mase @rubenwardy We're just running into the first impression problem here. I think the more correct solution is to bundle a more complete subgame with the download (MTG++, or maybe Repixture?) and repitch minetest_game (maybe with VanessaE's basic_materials) as a "standard include".

The nature of mods 

@milan Hmmm. Ich habe es installiert, noch nicht viel damit gemacht....

@milan I switched a long time ago and I love it 😍 It's open source,no Java shit,no Micro$oft shit,free and I'm even preparing my own public server currently 😃

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