mastodon v3 frequently puts the server under heavy load until the site even becomes unresponsive for a little while, i am already searching for a solution... :tchncs:

@milan Hey, what's the output of
ruby -r rbconfig -e "puts RbConfig::CONFIG['LIBS']"
-lpthread -lgmp -ldl -lcrypt -lm

maybe you miss -ljemalloc

@2kw this is my hope as well, i accidentally installed the new ruby version without it - we are now running with it since like 15mins 🙏

@milan short question to 3.0.1
If i send images, are there all properties in the mastadon database? see sample attached:

@2kw afaik no, mastodon removes the exif data and i am not aware of changes in this release

@milan would it be possible to grant me the read report permission?
Currently after:
i get:
mastodon.Mastodon.MastodonAPIError: ('Mastodon API returned error', 403, 'Forbidden', 'This action is outside the authorized scopes')
see also:

@milan no it is't an issue.
I currently test the API and do not have the permission to read reports.
But i will setup a test server on my side , so don't care. Nothing to do on your side 🙂

@2kw well it feels a bit off, granting ppl moderation rights for app/api testing, no offense^^

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