it would be great if :gnome: would also be designed with normal density, non-touch-displays in mind ...

@milan Sounds like you're describing KDEs Plasma :D

@Vamp898 i failed making it my home several times, i "grew up" with gnome :(

@milan i grew up with both and are home with both pretty much, but the advantage of GNOME that you can't setup most things. Thats the advantage and disadvantage at the same time. So you either decide for the Android like "just works" interface or the "Everything is possible, but i have to do it my own" interface

@milan But the new Plasma 5.17 looks very promising. As a wayland user, especially the fractional scaling is looking nice.

Also i have horrible issues with Ardour and Audacity in GNOME which renders them almost unuseable

@Vamp898 @milan Wayland user in the wild! How can you describe your experience? I've only tried it on SailfishOS and well, except that apps can't control app orientation, everything is fine. But how on desktop?

@a1batross @milan Awesome actually, especially with multiple screens it works _muuuuuuch_ better. I just plug my screen and it works©®™ instead of re-arranging, re-organizing everything over and over again.

It just feels much more polished than Xorg in a lot of ways, but sometimes the Desktops lack some features (like fractional scaling which is introduced in Plasma 5.17 finally)

@Vamp898 @milan That's cool. And do screenshots, Wine, software that lock mouse position work?

@a1batross @milan Screenshots work fine, i don't use wine so can't tell if that works :/

@Vamp898 @milan and what about mouse locking? It's widely used in games, mostly fps.

@a1batross @milan I dont know, i can't remember the last time i played on my notebook. Its quite a time ago and that was battle for wesnoth and other small games. but those worked fine.

But to be all honest, wayland wors _much_ better with GNOME than with KDE.

Right now i am on GNOME just because the better wayland support

@milan There is a "secret" compact version of Adwaita:
However you are required to change that line, rebuild the CSS and build your own GTK. I've been using it for a while on my low res laptop and it sure helps. Screenshots attached.

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